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    6 Weeks

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will introduce you to 21st century learning tools and practices. You will examine how they can facilitate learning and teaching, and evaluate your own digital literacies, create your own personal learning environment, find open educational resources, explore virtual worlds and more!

If you want to complete all the activities, you will need 2-3 hours per week. This MOOC has 6 lessons. Every lesson is divided into units, which have a recommended study time of approximately 30 minutes each. You can do additional readings and activities to expand upon some of the topics.

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By the end of this MOOC, successful participants will be able to:

Describe current learning technologies, resources and practices.

Analyse their own learning practices.

Incorporate new practices into their own teaching


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Social Media
Digital Literacy


This is the course structure of the 21st Century Learning MOOC from the University of Naples Federico II:

Lesson 1 - Introduction and Digital Literacy

Lesson 2 - Overview of Learning Technologies

Lesson 3 - Open Education

Lesson 4 - Social Media

Lesson 5 - Virtual Worlds and Augmented Reality

Lesson 6 - Future Scenarios