Actuarial Science with a Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)

University of Kent
In Canterbury (Grossbritannien)

£ 9.000 - (10.600 )
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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Canterbury (Grossbritannien)
  • Dauer:
    4 Years

Actuarial Science with a Foundation Year is designed for students who wish to study Actuarial Science but are applying from a country where secondary education does not reach the level required for direct entry to UK degrees. It is also suitable for those who do not have qualifications in appropriate subjects, or whose grades are not high enough.

Actuaries evaluate and manage financial risks, particularly in the financial services industry. They form a small yet well-respected, influential and relatively well-paid profession. If you are good at mathematics and you are curious about financial matters, you should enjoy studying actuarial science.

Our degree gives you the opportunity to gain exemptions from eight of the professional examinations set by the UK actuarial profession, and is one of the few programmes to achieve full accreditation from the profession. Once you qualify, employment prospects are good, and students from this course have also gone on to successful careers in other areas such as accountancy, banking or operational research.

The core actuarial modules are taught by professionally qualified actuaries with many years’ industry experience. The course offers an optional year in industry and we run the Invicta Actuarial Society, which provides good links with industry. Our School is friendly and we make a point of getting to know our students on a one-to-one basis.

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CT2 7PE, Kent, Grossbritannien
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Financial Risk
Actuarial Science


The following modules are indicative of those offered on this programme. This listing is based on the current curriculum and may change year to year in response to new curriculum developments and innovation.  Most programmes will require you to study a combination of compulsory and optional modules. You may also have the option to take ‘wild’ modules from other programmes offered by the University in order that you may customise your programme and explore other subject areas of interest to you or that may further enhance your employability.

Foundation year

If your qualifications are not sufficient, for whatever reason, for direct entry onto a degree programme, you can apply for this programme.

If your first language is not English, the Foundation Year offers additional classes taught by staff who are specialists in teaching English as a foreign language.

Find out more about the benefits of a Foundation Year.

Possible modules may include:

MA022 - Graphs, Geometry and Trigonometry (15 credits)

MA024 - Additional Mathematics (15 credits)

MA025 - Foundation Statistics (15 credits)

MA026 - Mathematical Workshops (30 credits)

MA027 - Calculus for Foundation Year Mathematics (15 credits)

LZ036 - Academic Skills Development (15 credits)

LZ037 - English for Academic Study (15 credits)

HI434 - Introduction to the History of Science (15 credits)

PL310 - Introduction to Philosophy: Logic and Reasoning (15 credits)

Stage 1

Possible modules may include:

MA306 - Statistics (15 credits)

MA309 - Business Economics (15 credits)

MA315 - Financial Mathematics (30 credits)

MA347 - Linear Mathematics (15 credits)

MA348 - Mathematical Methods 1 (15 credits)

MA349 - Mathematical Methods 2 (15 credits)

MA351 - Probability (15 credits)

Stage 2

Possible modules may include:

MA501 - Statistics for Insurance (15 credits)

MA516 - Contingencies 1 (15 credits)

MA527 - Corporate Finance for Actuaries (15 credits)

MA528 - Financial Reports and their Analysis (15 credits)

MA529 - Probability and Statistics for Actuarial Science 2 (15 credits)

MA639 - Time Series Modelling and Simulation (15 credits)

MA552 - Analysis (15 credits)

MA553 - Linear Algebra (15 credits)

Year in industry

Students on this course spend a year working in industry between Stages 2 and 3. We can offer help and advice in finding a placement. This greatly enhances your CV and gives you the opportunity to put your academic skills into practice. It also gives you an idea of your career options. Recent placements have included IBM, management consultancies, government departments, actuarial firms and banks.

Stage 3

Possible modules may include:

MA636 - Stochastic Processes (15 credits)

MA533 - Contingencies 2 (15 credits)

MA535 - Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models (15 credits)

MA537 - Mathematics of Financial Derivatives (15 credits)

MA539 - Financial Modelling (15 credits)

MA525 - Survival Models (15 credits)

MA509 - Actuarial Practice (30 credits)

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