Administration of health centres for doctors and nurses

Targeted at medical and health personnel

Health management

UIC - Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Màsters Oficials
In Barcelona (Spanien)

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  • Master
  • Barcelona (Spanien)
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    1 Year
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  • Internship

Official Master's degree targeted at health personnel, clinical doctors and nurses, interested in receiving higher-level training in health centre management. It is an interdisciplinary Master's degree that combines knowledge of economics, business sciences, law and engineering, besides work experience.

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Voraussetzungen: University graduates in Health Sciences or disciplines that have an interest in the health sector, with or without health management experience.

Nationally recognised qualification: Official University Master's degree - Ministry of Education

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Barcelona, Spanien
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Process management
Management of health organisations
Health systems and models
Information systems and management control
Social security and patient management
Economic/financial management and general services


The Master's degree is divided into 4 modules:
  • Module 1. Health systems and models
  • Module 2. Management of health organisations
  • Module 3. Social security process management
  • Module 4. Rotating practical training