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Seminarziele The Cisco Active Network Abstraction (CANA) v3.7 course is a modular course that teaches students how to install, configure, customize, and effectively use the Cisco ANA product suite. The student gains understanding of the primary components of the ANA architecture; guidelines for deployment; hardware and software requirements; and the concepts, processes, and tools that allow customization of an ANA management system to meet the specific needs of the customer’s unique network. The students’ understanding is deepened by hands-on labs that include installing ANA units, gateway, and client software and utilizing the ANA applications, NetworkVision and EventVision, for network and service discovery and fault detection. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
Describe the ANA architecture, consisting of Cisco ANA gateways, ANA units, and clients.
Describe virtual network elements (VNEs), which are the software-based building blocks of the Cisco ANA virtual network model, each one cloning the characteristics and properties of its real-world counterpart Create network maps and build a virtual network model consisting of VNEs.
Describe and show how new technology support is managed by ANA, For instance CE, MToP etc.
Plan an ANA deployment; review hardware and software requirements.
Install the various ANA components.
Configure the VNEs.
Configure user accounts and ANA security features.
Discover and view network inventory information.
Visualize and monitor the physical network elements and their logical services.
Troubleshoot, manage, and correlate network events and faults.
Maintain and troubleshoot the ANA system.
Plan for high availability.
Understand the ANA registry and its inheritance and the purpose of the ANA Golden Source.
Create, manage, and troubleshoot ANA soft properties.
Set soft properties thresholds and define threshold crossing alarms.
Utilize ANA command builder to create, manage, and troubleshoot custom commands.
Create and deploy ANA custom workflows using the workflow editor, templates, views, and user preferences.
Understand Inheritance and how to publish, export, and import ANA soft properties, commands, and workflows.
Use ANA Manage and ANA EventVision to view and manage the deployed workflows.

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Tirol, Österreich
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Basel Stadt, Schweiz
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Friedrich Str., 50, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
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Königsallee, 14, 40212, Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW, Deutschland
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Frankfurt Am Main
Platz Der Einheit , 1, 60327, Hessen, Deutschland
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· Voraussetzungen

Vorkenntnisse Basic Microsoft Windows user-level knowledge
Basic understanding of network management concepts (Simple Network Management Protocol [SNMP], MIBs, and so on)
TCP/IP networking experience
Oracle administration knowledge
Solaris and UNIX system administration knowledge
Networking Technologies, MPLS, CE , MToP


Schulungsinhalt Cisco ANA Operations
Module 1: Cisco ANA Product Overview
Module 2: Using Cisco ANA NetworkVision

Cisco ANA Installation and Configuration
Module 3: Pre-deployment Planning
Module 4: Software Installation and Configuration
Module 5: Administration

Cisco ANA Customization
Module 6: Miscellaneous Tools (ANA Shell, Registry Editor, BQL Basics)
Module 7: Cisco ANA Soft Properties
Module 8: Cisco ANA Command Builder
Module 9: Cisco ANA Workflow Editor

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