Aircraft Engineering BEng (Hons)

University of the Highlands and Islands
In Perth (Schottland)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Perth (Schottland)

The BEng (Hons) Aircraft Engineering course is an exciting degree that will equip you with an in-depth engineering knowledge across a broad range of modern aeronautical technologies.

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Beginn Lage
15 September 2016
Crieff Road, PH1 2NX, Perth and Kinross, Schottland
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

IT Management
Aircraft Engineering


Year 1 - CertHE Engineering Mathematics 1 Engineering Science: Mechanical Engineering Science: Electrical & Electronics Engineering Materials and Structures Engineering Workshop Practices Aircraft Engineering Systems Year 3 - BEng Aviation business and management Aircraft structural mechanics and aerothermodynamics Avionics and aircraft computer systems 1 Airframe and propulsion systems 1 Plus Air transport operations pathway: Aircraft engineering reliability and maintenance management Airworthiness requirements Or Air design pathway: Aerostructures performance 1 Aircraft design 1 Year 2 - DipHE Aircraft Systems: Materials and Structures Aircraft systems: Electrical and Avionics Aviation systems: Propulsion and Power Transfer Engineering Mathematics 2 Engineering Computing and Laboratory Skills Applied Aerodynamics Year 4 - BEng (Hons) Engineering Project and Project Management (double credit) Avionics and aircraft computer systems 2 Aircraft and propulsion systems 2 Plus Air transport operations pathway: Quality systems and airworthiness management Air transport operations and management Or Air design pathway: Aerostructures performance 2 Aircraft design 2