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Swinburne University of Technology’s free autism MOOC takes a practical approach to the study of autism. The course is designed for parents and carers of people with autism and those who work with people with autism.

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Autism Teaching
Study of autism
Autism people


It seeks to equip students with the skills and knowledge to solve practical issues in the lives of individuals who have autism. The course uses real scenarios, draws on students’ experiences and aims to foster a supportive network of parents and carers. 

The course commences on Thursday 2 April 2015 and runs for seven weeks. Student contact hours are approximately two hours per week. Content will become available each week. There are no assessments or accreditations. On completion students will receive a certificate of participation.

As part of this MOOC Swinburne is conducting a research project exploring effective online teaching methods for assisting the autism support community. This will be done by monitoring students’ participation and engagement throughout the course.