B.A. Classical and Archaeological Studies and Italian (Hons)

University of Kent
In Canterbury (Grossbritannien)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Canterbury (Grossbritannien)

The great strength of Classical and Archaeological Studies and Italian (Hons) programme from University of Kent is the hugely interesting and varied range of subjects it includes literature, mythology, drama, archaeology, art and architecture, history, languages and philosophy and the way they all connect in the study of ancient civilisations, including those of Egypt, Greece, Rome and their neighbours.

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01 September 2016
CT2 7PE, Kent, Grossbritannien
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Course Content Stage 1

Possible modules may include:

  • Introduction to Archaeology
  • The Civilisations of Greece and Rome
  • History of Italian Cinema:The Legacy of Neo-Realism
  • An Introduction to Italian
  • Learning Italian - Beginners
  • Learning Italian 3 (Post A Level)

You have the opportunity to select wild modules in this stage

Stage 2

Possible modules may include:

  • Learning Italian 2 (Intermediate)
  • Learning Italian 4 *Advanced)
  • Italian Short Story
  • Catching the Tide: Cultural Renewal in 20th Century Italy
  • Italian Extended Essay
  • Latin for Beginners
  • Greek for Beginners
  • The Crisis of the Roman Republic
  • Roman and Medieval Artefacts
  • Graeco-Roman Egypt
Year abroad
  • The University of Kent has Erasmus agreements with several universities in Italy.

Possible modules may include:

  • Year Abroad Module
Stage 3

Possible modules may include:

  • IT506 - Learning Italian 5
  • Early Latin Verse in the Original
  • Early Latin Prose in the Original
  • Early Greek Verse in the Original
  • Early Greek Prose in the Original
  • Advanced Ancient Greek Plus
  • Advanced Latin Plus
  • Greek Philosophy: Plato and Aristotle
  • The Rise and Fall of Athens
  • Museum Studies (with internship)