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Better Business Communication Online Course (12 months Access)

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This LearnKey training course on Better Business Communication, based on the book Better Business Communication by Dr. Phillip Bozek, can help you if you feel you have difficulty expressing your business goals in precise terms. Learn in this training course quick and easy techniques to improve all types of business communication - memos, letters, presentations and meetings.


Your meetings will be more productive with clear objectives and results.
You will find your team making great progress as you brainstorm through issues.
Discover clear methods for communicating important information.

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Business Communication
Communication Training


Section A: Introduction
and nbsp;*  Course Overview
and nbsp;*  Key Fact

Section B: The Meeting
and nbsp;*  Before the Meeting
and nbsp;*  During the Meeting
and nbsp;*  Leading the Meeting
and nbsp;*  Decisions and Actions
and nbsp;*  Key Fact

Section C: The Memo
and nbsp;*  Business Communication
and nbsp;*  Your Audience
and nbsp;*  Brainstorming, Organizing, and Editing
and nbsp;*  Key Fact

Section D: The Presentation
and nbsp;*  The Introduction
and nbsp;*  Getting Attention
and nbsp;*  Nonverbal
and nbsp;*  Your Voice
and nbsp;*  Dealing with Questions
and nbsp;*  Successful Communication
and nbsp;*  Conclusion