Building Professional AJAX Applications

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Upon completion, students will be able to: Understand how Ajax works Use basic Ajax techniques to build better web user experience Use and build frameworks for Ajax applications Build secure Ajax applications Understand performace issues Build real-world Ajax applications.
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Max-Eyth-Str. 38, 71088, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
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Attendees must have JavaScript and XML experience. JavaScript XML


If you have used Google Map, Google Gmail, etc., you must have been amazed by the fast reponse and the dynamic page refreshing. What's happening behind the scenes is a new way of building Web applications that has taken the Internet by storm. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) capitalizes on the browser's ability to asynchronously communicate with the web server and builds on existing JavaScript and XML technologies.After looking at how Ajax works, this course will cover the techniques, frameworks, and tools that help build professional Ajax-based Web applications. More than 70% of the time will be spent on hands-on labs.

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