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If you who have a flair for design then this is your chance to build a Desktop Publishing business The Certificate in Desktop Publishing is a comprehensive online instructional course, perfect for learning how to design business cards, letter heads, envelopes, with compliment slips, newsletters, posters, flyers, brochures and much more, plus how to run a profitable Desktop Publishing business. The Certificate in Desktop Publishing is packed with all the information you need to start from the comfort of your own home. Desktop Publishing course will take you through the principles of using a desktop publishing program. You may already have a favourite program like Microsoft desktop publisher or InDesign. It doesn’t matter which program you choose, we show you how to use the correct fonts to give your work that professional look. The Certificate in Desktop Publishing covers the rules about using colour to make your flyers and newsletters come to life. The course shows you how to deal with printers if you want to develop the print broking side of your business to make thousands of extra dollars. The Certificate in Desktop Publishing shows you step by step how to create layouts from simple business cards to the correct way to lay out a contemporary report. You will learn how to deal with photographers and the rules you must know when using images within your work. The Desktop Publishing course will show you how to set up your home office and go through all the equipment that you need. If you already have a good computer you are well on your way to getting started right away. The Desktop Publishing course will show you how to get customers and how to deal professionally with them. Course Fast Facts: Discover how to be a successful desktop publisher Comprehensive 6-unit Certificate in desktop publishing Study along with simple instructions, videos & demonstrations Written and developed by leading Desktop...

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Voraussetzungen: Entry requirements Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills. Minimum education Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course. Computer requirements Students will need access to a computer and the internet. Minimum specifications for the computer are: Microsoft Office 2003 or equivalent, and Microsoft Windows 98, or Mac OS...


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Office IT
Desktop Publishing
Ms Office
IT Management


Unit 1: Introduction To Desktop

This unit covers the introduction to desktop publishing. We look We look at the different types of design and the progresses in technology. We look at the type of work that can be done and learn how to make your own designs. We look at how to start putting your new desktop publishing business together.


  • The type of work that can be done and how to make your own designs
  • What font to use to communicate ideas effectively
  • How to get the attention of the reader
  • How to write outstanding newsletters
  • How to make flyers that work
  • Learn about screens and how they work
  • The top 10 mistakes that desktop publishers make and how to avoid them
  • And much much more

Unit 2: Setting Up Your Home Office

This unit covers setting up your home office. It includes the design of your home office with computers and equipment that you need to run a successful business that will look and feel professional.


  • How to finance your equipment
  • What insurance you need
  • Your OH&S requirements
  • Effective time management
  • How to set up your accounting
  • What type of communications you need
  • And most importantly how much to charge

Unit 3: Colour For Design

This unit covers the basic principles of colour management. We look at colour and why it should be a key consideration for design. We look at the two types of colours - subtractive and additive colours. We also look at the colour gamut and the eye gamut - what you see with your eye will be different to what you see on your screen and will be different again to what will be printed.


  • How to use colour and why it should be a key consideration for design
  • Colour psychology and what different colours mean
  • Simultaneous colours
  • What colours work together
  • How to lead the customers eye to where we want them to read
  • The meaning of colours to the age group of your target audience
  • What colour management is and what it really means

Unit 4: Desktop Publishing Tutorials

In this disc there are photoshop tutorial lessons for the software program Adobe in Design CS 2. The tutorials provided will demonstrate how to use the software program and perform a variety of tasks from beginner to intermediate level.

If you are using another program don't worry as the principles are still the same.

Unit 5: Photoshop Tutorials

In this unit you will learn the basics of Photoshop so you can adjust, correct and merge images ready for your desktop publishing program


  • How to use selection tools
  • How to adjust photos
  • How to fix up faces, whiten teeth, fix a droopy eye and fix skin blemishes
  • How to get the lighting right for the final adjustments to the face
  • How to get the magazine look in your photos
  • How to edit a photo that you think is a goner
  • How to choose the right business structure, sole trader, partnership or company.

Unit 6: How To Promote & Market Your Business

In this unit we cover the principles of marketing, the most common mistakes that people make and how to market your new desktop publishing business. We cover how to get work and build your customer base.


  • What it is the customer wants to know about your business
  • How to become an expert and measure your marketing
  • The principles of marketing
  • How to market yourself to the right people
  • What the customer wants to know about your business
  • How to create a uniqueness and get more business
  • The golden rules of advertising
  • The most common marketing mistakes
  • And much much more!

Resource materials

Included in the course are many useful tools to help get your business started:

  • downloadable course manual
  • A sample business plan
  • A labelled diagram of a suggested home office layout
  • Marketing letters
  • Advertisements