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This course is aimed at experienced engineers installing and configuring the Allied Telesis core and edge switches. The objective of this 3-day course is to transfer special in-depth knowledge to those customers, who are typically selling installation and maintenance services to their customers and thus need to ensure that they have enough skilled technicians to do so. The course is designed to..
Gerichtet an: Professionals who are setting up complex networks based on Allied Telesis core and edge switches, and wish to use the advanced features available in these ATI products. The training is designed to provide to all participants the opportunity to make practical tests and to obtain the necessary knowledge to manage and troubleshoot these products in complex environments.

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Wo und wann

Beginn Lage
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Oranienburger Str. 66, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
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Ludwig-Erhard-Straβe 3, 65760, Hessen, Deutschland
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Am Söldnermoos 17, 85399, Bayern, Deutschland
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Gasstraße 4a, 22761, Hamburg, Deutschland


IntroductionService and SupportHardware overviewOperations

  • Serial port and client software configuration
  • User name and password concept
  • levels of access, command line structure, and function keys
  • help, command completion
  • storage architecture ( running, startup, current, flash, etc). What is booted, etc.
  • licensing
  • file system and commands, external device support
  • reboot, restart of switches
  • basic "show" commands
  • set, do, exec command concepts
  • firmware upgrade
  • L2/L3 switching concepts, and how they affect management
  • configure initial IP and GUI, and TELNET (SSH)
  • port names, ranges and level 1 configurations.
  • switching
  • IP ICMP commands
  • (Lab session)


  • types, terminology and uses
  • VID
  • port VLAN
  • trunk VLAN
  • private VLAN
  • (Lab session)

Network Access Control

  • Access Control Lists
  • IP based
  • MAC based
  • 802.1X concept
  • RADIUS server connection
  • Port configuration

Quality of Service

  • Background to QOS, and COS, etc.
  • Policy maps, class maps
  • Policers
  • Lab session

Spanning Tree

  • Concept and description of different types
  • RSTP
  • MSTP
  • (Lab session)


  • Terminology and static vs. LACP
  • static aggregation configuration
  • LACP configuration
  • (Lab session)


  • concept
  • X900, SB x908 configuration


  • short overview IP, subnet, gateway
  • static routing concept
  • ports, and interface IP configuration syntax
  • RIP, OSPF, BGP Introduction
  • Lab session

High availability

  • VRRP
  • Master, and backup router concepts
  • configuration
  • Lab session

Ethernet Protection Switched Rings

  • EPSR overview
  • how it works
  • supported hardware
  • configuration
  • lab session if hardware is available

Debugging and troubleshooting

  • event logging
  • SNMP
  • Counters
  • Enabling debug
  • Interpreting information from the system

On-line certification exam

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