Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis - Fundamentals of the Shen Hammer System

Spring and Autumn Institute
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Gerichtet an: Studierende und Praktizierende der Chinesischen Medizin

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Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Dr John H.F. Shen was a modern master of Chinese Medicine, world-renowned for his skills. Over seven decades of clinical practice, along with a deep understanding of the Chinese Classics, Dr. Shen developed a unique system of pulse diagnosis. Organized and systematized by Dr. Leon Hammer, this intricate system renders the richness of the pulse accessible to modern practitioners.

The primary focus of this intensive training will be “hands-on.” The size of the class will be limited to 8 students with direct supervision from the experienced instructor. The training will be presented in two parts:

In part one (5 days), students will be introduced to and become accomplished in the correct location of the three depths as well as the six principal and 23 complementary positions. Individual pulse qualities will also be presented and explained.

In part two (4 days), students will work directly with selected patients. Instructors will first prepare a comprehensive pulse workup on each patient, then students, working in pairs, will have time in which they will try to feel what the instructor has recorded. This is the only way that the pulse can be effectively taught, with direct explanation and feedback about exactly what you are feeling with your fingers.

Through study, practice and discussion we will develop the skill required to translate detailed information into an in-depth diagnosis. The pulse provides clear information about both constitution and current pathology, including the specific effects of past injuries, traumas, illnesses, life events and emotions. It can also be used to predict future pathology before it becomes manifest. Applying this system will transform the way you practice Chinese Medicine, and also have a profound impact on your relationship with your patients.

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