Creative Leadership For Effective Leaders (Foundation Level)

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We understand that for students to learn deeply, they need to be active, engaged, inspired, involved. They need to interact with their peers, connect dots between new and current knowledge and they need to have fun in the process!

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Problem Solving
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking


Amanager usually faces leadershipdemands as part of working inan ever-changing market condition. As a leader who manages a business,you mayconstantly being asked to "be creative" or "be innovative" in responseto complex external situations as well as constant internal work setting. Increasingly, as leaders, more and more business challenges may be new and didnot existbefore. Often, without realization- failure is morecommon as well. Unfortunatley, one major cause is false starts , whichcan be a drain on resources and morale- possibly due to cases ofnarrow thinking, coupled withlack of suitable processes to support productive collaboration. The result may be : Stress and frustration.

To this end, creative leadership course provides guided learning ona deliberate process that faciliatestrategizingand operationalizingbusiness directions in everychanging situations. Crucial ability toorganize your thinking helps tocope with gaps in information towardsgeneratingideas. Creative leadership consist of creative thinking method to becomepart of the making better and more informed decisions to be transformed into innovations. Better still, critical thinking plays an importantrole to formdeeper understanding of ideas from variousdata sources. This helps to arrangearguments to bepresented clearly and convincingly in any situation. Through these teachable and deliberate thoughtprocesses to help you make sense in many leadership challenges, more meaning can be found in various aspects of workplace tocreate knowledge towardsgaining control over your environment.

Creative leaders would be comfortable to use both Critical Thinking and Creative Thinkingskills that exist to provideinsight into the breadth of deliberate engagementin Creative Problem Solving.

The aimof thiscourse is suitable for management and leadership personnel across the full range of functions , fromadministrators toprofessionalmanagers. Another key take-awayis this open learning course itself, which is a re-usable learning resource to be made avaiable to registered learners as reference at anytime of the day, as long as you can access this learning platform from various technological devices.

As a manager or leader or even an employee, you will gain information and knowledge from this self-paced and free course in:

Examining the concept ofcreative leadership and its components

Using creative process to find creative solutions.

Identifying the habits essential to critical thinking.

Stating the mind set to creative thinking and creative problem solving.

Practising asimple, proven and replicable creative thinking and creative problem solving process.

Statingchecklists and guidelines for creative thinking and critical thinking.

Describing tools to support each phase of the creative thinking and creative problem solving process.

On an ending note, creativity in business is also recognizing learning opportunities to improve the current business. So, let's get on with this course...