Current And Recurrent Issues in Human Resource Management (HRM)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Milan, Italy (Italien), Amsterdam, Netherlands (Niederlande), Astana, Kazahkstan (Kasachstan) und an 7 weiteren Standorten

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Suitable for: Human Resource Professionals, Human Resource Managers, Human Resource Specialists, Executives, Directors, managers who need current, specilised knowledge, Supervisors, Experienced Mangers who are new to the HR field, Business Consultants, MBA Students, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

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Voraussetzungen: Degree or Work experience


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Damrak 1-5, 1012, Noord Holland, Niederlande
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Astana, Kazahkstan
Arka Street, 010 000, Kazahstan, Kasachstan
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Bangkok, Thailand
South Sathon Road, 10120, Bangkok, Thailand
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Brussels, Belgium
Rue du Fosse-Aux-Loups, 1000, Belgien, Belgien
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Central London
Carburton Street, W1W 5EE, London, Grossbritannien
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Jakarta, Indonesia
Jalan Lapangan, 10710, Indonesia, Indonesien
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Resource Management
IT Management


Course review:

  • The role of employee resourcing in contributing to corporate strategies and goals
  • The role of internal and stakeholders in the employee resourcing process
  • Managing the potentially conflicting concerns of stakeholders in employee resourcing
  • Dealing with stakeholders’ values and expectations
  • Traditional approaches to employee resourcing
  • Emergent and contingency approaches to employee resourcing
  • The role of employee resourcing in business and subsystem strategy
  • The role of employee resourcing in the development of organisational strategy
  • Organisational strategy and employee resourcing strategy compatibility