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In our training you will
become familiar with the elements of winning presentations,
learn relevant English phrases and expressions for presentations,
develop and understanding of cross-cultural differences in presentation,
train and enhance your presentation skills in English,
become sensitized to your strengths in presenting and raise your comfort level when presenting in English.
Our training is suited to managers who work internationally and who would like to enhance their presentation skills in English.

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Berlin, Deutschland
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Frankfurt Am Main
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Communication Skills


Ian Muir
Ian Muir
Präsentation, English presentations, English Buisiness communication


Nowadays, managers are expected to deliver professional and convincing presentations. What's more, the challenges of our global economy require that today's managers are able to deliver their presentations to an international audience in English - comfortably and convincingly. In order to meet this challenge, they have to master not only the linguistic aspects of presenting in English but also pay to attention to the cross-cultural differences in presentation styles.

Course Content
Planning and Preparation

  • Developing presentation objectives
  • Identifying types of presentations
  • Understanding presentation styles and audience expectations in different cultures

Structure and Development

  • Developing content and structure
  • Ensuring clarity of language and train of thought
  • Supporting presentation objectives and elaborating points
  • Learning and applying useful English presentation phrases

Rhetorical Devices and Body Language

  • Applying rhetorical and stylistic devices in English
  • Appreciating the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Understanding cross-cultural differences in the use of body language

Dealing with an Audience

  • Understanding audience expectations in an international setting
  • Establishing rapport
  • Handling questions

Use of Media

  • Creating slides in English
  • Understanding cross-cultural differences in the use of visual aids


Brief lectures, discussions, individual and group exercises, short presentations, video-feedback and coaching

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