Design Management, International

Hochschule Luzern
In Luzern (Schweiz)

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  • Bachelor
  • Luzern (Schweiz)
  • Dauer:
    3 Jahre

It is based on the knowledge of pragmatic design practice which enables students to manage design projects using design processes based on rational arguments and methods. It is completely taught in English and students from Switzerland, Europe and overseas are welcome. A multicultural classroom will, therefore, be the real live learning environment in a discipline that is increasingly becoming economically viable world-wide.

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Postfach 2969 Frankenstrasse 9, CH-6002, Luzern, Schweiz
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· Voraussetzungen

As a part of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (LUASA), Lucerne School of Art and Design is subject to the higher-ranking Admission and Examination Requirements of 24 June 2005 that are valid for the Bachelor course. At a lower-ranking level, the Academic Regulations for the Bachelor’s course at Lucerne School of Art and Design of 24 June apply. These contain the provisions governing the courses offered at LUASA. Information on the admission requirements for the Foundation Course and the Vocational Studies in Graphic Art/BMS can be obtained from the school secretariats.


It is a unique course enabling students to apply their design and organisational skills to the management of design projects and the strategic design planning of design agencies and companies. It combines theory and practice from the disciplines of design, business and economy, engineering and communication to provide a general overview of the areas where design, technology and management meet. It teaches the necessary skills to manage the interface between these fields.

Design Managment International is completely taught in English. Students from Switzerland, Europe and overseas are welcome. A multicultural classroom will, therefore, be the real live learning situation in a discipline that is increasingly becoming economically viable world-wide.

What is design management?Design Management bridges the gap between management and design and between design and production. With so many people collaborating together there is an intricate collection of interests to be coordinated. Here is where design managers work to make sure the processes that take place between the corporate design activities of a firm and the creative team of an agency or an in-house development team run smoothly. They also manage the interface between the designers and the staff engineering a new product.

Design Management also operates at a business planning level where it introduces design as a powerful strategic tool to differentiate a company through innovative and human-centred products, services and brands.

The so-called "Creative Industries" have been growing and expanding over the last years. Today up to 25 to 30 percent of all professional people in highly industrialised countries work in the creative sector - in the area of science and technology, in research and development of technology-based industries, in art, music, culture, aesthetics and design and applied professions in medicine, finance and law.

The days when a designer would single handedly sketch out a brilliant idea for a new product for the consumer market are long gone. Today the development of an innovative idea is based on market research and strategic planning using an interdisciplinary team of people – specialists in marketing, corporate communication, brand design, strategic management, interaction design, industrial or product design, computing and so on. Design plays an undeniably important role in the success of a new product put on the market.

Who is this programme for? Students should have a strong interest in design but do not necessarily want to become designers themselves. They should have more an organisational or business-oriented talent yet want to combine their love of design with the field of management. Our Design Management International course will be of interest to:
  • Swiss students with good English language skills who wish to study in a multicultural context
  • Swiss students who grew up abroad but are now looking to study back home in Switzerland
  • International students who have been residing in Switzerland for a minimum of two years
  • International students from all over the world

Studienbeginn im 14 September.

Bewerbungsfrist 30 April

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Preisinformation: Studiengebühr pro Semester CHF 1'000.- Anmeldegebühr 2009/10 CHF 150.- (2008/09 CHF 120.-) Anmeldegebühr 2009/10 bei zwei praktischen Prüfungen CHF 300.- (2008/09 CHF 240.-)

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