Diploma in Diabetes Management

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This course is designed to impart knowledge, skills and confidence for the management of Diabetic patients and facilitate the physicians to develop the skills for efficient and integrated diabetic care.
The objective of this course is: To understand the clinical manifestations and efficiently diagnose Diabetes Mellitus using the current investigative tools., To understand and put into practice the current therapeutic principles in Diabetes Mellitus and non-pharmacological management of Diabetes Mellitus., To understand and manage the emergencies and complications related to Diabetes Mellitus., To develop a preventing and promoting healthcare approach to Diabetes management. etc

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Voraussetzungen: To enhance the Physician's knowledge of the basic sciences pertaining to Diabetes Mellitus                               


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Healthcare delivery
Diabetes Mellitus


Module I you can find 10 subjects which is 1.Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus, 2.Epidemiology, 3.Physiology, 4.Pathogenesis, 5.Clinical presentation, 6.Investigations, 7.Pharmacology, 8.Patient education, 9.Healthcare delivery- the concept of integrated care, 10.Prevention and in Module II you can also find 10 subjects which is 1.Approach to management of Diabetes, 2.Complications of Diabetes Mellitus, 3.Complications of Gestational Diabetes, 4.Emergencies in diabetes mellitus, 5.Hospital admission guidelines, 6.Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence, 7.Diabetes in the Elderly, 8.Secondary Diabetes Mellitus, 9.Surgery and Anaesthesia in a Diabetic patient, 10.Infections in Diabetes Mellitus.
Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus, Epidemiology,Physiology, Pathogenesis, Clinical presentation,Investigations, Pharmacology, Patient education, Healthcare delivery- the concept of integrated care, Prevention, Diabetes Mellitus, Gestational Diabetes, Emergencies in diabetes mellitus, Hospital admission guidelines, Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence, Diabetes in the Elderly, Secondary Diabetes Mellitus.
You can also pay in installments but in installment fee would be increased only in() not in () 55000 (1250) there are 2 installment 1st is 30000 (625) and 2nd is 25000 (625).

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To enhance the Physician's knowledge of the basic sciences pertaining to Diabetes Mellitus