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Sustainable development is a type of economic growth pattern where the use of resources meets the needs of the human population while conserving the environment at the same time. Sustainable development means resources are used in such a way that both current and future human needs can be met. This free online Diploma in Sustainable Development reviews a diverse range of topics including what exactly sustainability is and what systems of practice are most commonly used, and in particular, examines the importance of sustainable development in counteracting global climate change. Two very important issues in sustainable development are energy sources that meet current and future demands, and water conservation. The course reviews both non-renewable and renewable energy sources and examines how current and future demands for energy can be met for a growing global population. Water is a vital resource for all countries and the course reviews how supply and demand for water by industry, agriculture and people can be met. This course will be of great interest to all professionals interested in international development, and in the sustainability and environmental sectors who would like to learn more about global sustainable development. It will also be of interest to the general learner who is interested in how current and future demands for the earth's resources by a growing human population can be met.

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Renewable Energy
Solar Power
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Businesses
Sustainability Module
Global Climate Change


Module Title Module 1: What is Sustainability? Module 2: Systems Practise in Sustainable Development Module 3: Sustainable Businesses Module 4: Case Studies in Sustainability Module 5: Energy and Sustainability Module 6: Global Climate Change Module 7: Introduction Sustainability Assessment Module 8: Introduction to Non-Renewable Energy Sources Module 9: Petroleum and Gas Module 10: Energy from Coal Module 11: Energy from Nuclear Power Module 12: Introduction to Renewable Energy Sources Module 13: Wind and Solar Power Module 14 Geothermal and Water-derived Energy Module 15: Energy from Biofuels Module 16: Energy and Sustainability Assessment Module 17: Water and Its Uses Module 18: The Hydrological Cycle Module 19: Groundwater and Surface Water Module 20: Water Treatment Module 21: Water and Human Health Module 22: Water Distribution Network Module 23: Water Resource Management Module 24: Water Supply in Britain Module 25: Case Study - Eutrophication Module 26: The Future of Global Water Supplies Assessment Module 27: Diploma in Sustainable Development Assessment

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