How does religion influence on global business?

Doctorate in Global Ethics, Religions and International Business



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The Doctorate program of EENI is an advanced academic program for graduates and working professionals, wishing to pursue a progressive career in the field of the international business and how religions influence in them.
Doctoral programs in international business involve a first academic part to study the subjects and a second part for the thesis (the period engaged in elaboration of the thesis can be extended up 28 months). That is, a student who studies all the time without breaks can complete the DIB in 2 years. A student can study with holiday periods to complete a DIB in 3 years

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To analyze the principles of Global Ethics and World Religions and identify how they influence in international business and in the globalization process

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Addressed to: graduates and working professionals who wish to continue their professional career in the field of International Business applying the principles of Global Ethics con un with a deep knowledge of religions and their influence on the way of doing business.

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Voraussetzungen: To Hold a Master's degree or have a minimum of three years relevant work experience in the field of international business. All those who do not holds a Master or sufficient experience, can study first Master in Foreign Trade (MIB) of EENI, and after access directly to this Program of Doctorate. in this case, when the student finish the study of the MIB will not require a thesis as this will form part of the final thesis of the Doctorate in Global Ethics, Religions and International Business.



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International Business
World Religions
Intercultural business
Global ethics
Business and religions
Religions of China / Asia
Islamic Civilization
African Civilization
Buddhist Civilization
Christianity and Business


1- Globalization and International Business
2- Intercultural negotiation
3-World Religions
4- Global and / or regional Religions
   - Buddhism: Mahayana, Theravada, Zen, Vajrayana
   - Christianity: Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy
   - Islam: Sunnis and Sikhism
   - Judaism
5- Religions of India
   - Hinduism
   - Jainism
   - Zoroastrianism
   - Sikhism
6- Religions of China / Asia
   - Taoism
   - Confucianism
7- Other Religions and/or philosophies
   - Agnosticism
   - Baha'i Faith
   - Animism
8- Principles of global ethics model
9- International Business without corruption
10- Research methodology
11- Thesis

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