Drawing And Painting

West Herts College
In Hemel Hempstead, Hemel Hempstead (Grossbritannien)

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You will learn about: a) Basic Drawing skills. b) Line and Tone. c) Introduction to pastels, acrylic, watercolours etc. d) How to approach landscapes. e) How to approach portraits. f) How to approach still life. g) Basics of composition.
Suitable for: Beginners with little or no previous experience of drawing or painting.

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Voraussetzungen: None required.


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Beginn Lage
12 Januar 2010
20 April 2010
Hemel Hempstead
Gatecroft, HP3 9LZ, Hertfordshire, Grossbritannien
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30 September 2009
13 Januar 2010
21 April 2010
Hemel Hempstead
St Agnells Lane, HP2 7HL, Hertfordshire, Grossbritannien
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Course suitability

Beginners with little or no previous experience of drawing or painting.

Information about the course

The course will cover basic drawing and painting techniques using a variety of media.

Subjects will include still life objects, landscapes, portraits, animals, all according to choice.

Course content

You will learn about:

a) Basic Drawing skills

b) Line and Tone

c)  Introduction to pastels, acrylic, watercolours etc

d) How to approach landscapes

e) How to approach portraits

f) How to approach still life

g) Basics of composition


For your first lesson please bring the following: Pencils - HB & 2B, Paper at least A4 size, Eraser and a Sharpener, paints if you already have them.

You will need to bring your Student ID Card, Learning Agreement and Invoice.

The course content may vary according to which tutor is teaching this course, also the content may be adapted to meet the needs of the class.

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Payment options: UK/EU Fee : £100.00 Overseas Fee : £160.00 Part-time enrolments are subject to an additional annual registration fee of £10 payable once only per academic year (exemptions may apply).