Education and ICT (e-learning)

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  • Master
  • Online
  • Wann:
    Oktober 2017

Official master's degree over one year that offers the student 4 possible pathways: management of e-learning; technopaedagogic design for education; online university teaching; research into e-learning. It is delivered online.

Wichtige informationen

Preis für Emagister-Nutzer: Large family, disabled students, victims of terrorism, victims of domestic violence and honours students.

Voraussetzungen: European degree or equivalent (graduates, licentiates, engineers), registered in Spain if was obtained outside the European Higher Education Area

Nationally recognised qualification: Official master's degree - Ministry of Education


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Strategic Management
Design of e-learning projects
Technopaedagogic design
Online teaching
Technological bases of e-learning
Design of online programmes and courses
Technological tools for education
Data analysis techniques


Obligatory courses
  • Design and management of e-learning projects
  • Foundations of technopaedagogic design
  • Online teaching and learning
  • Technological foundations of e-learning
  • Professional project
  • External internships
  • Research seminar
Specialization in management of e-learning
  • Organization and management of e-learning
  • Strategic management and leadership
  • Operational management of e-learning projects
  • Design of online programmes and courses
Specialization in  technopaedagogic design for education
  • Integration of technological tools for education
  • Design of online programmes and courses
  • Design of resources and activities
  • Planning of online teaching

Specialization in online university teaching
  • Online teaching strategies
  • Planning of online teaching
  • Online evaluation
  • Design of resources and activities

Specialization in  research into  e-learning
  • Research into e-learning
  • Research methods
  • Data analysis techniques
  • Construction of instruments for research