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sehr gutes Hörverständnis. sehr gute Rhetorik. sehr gute Präsentationsstil.
Gerichtet an: Firmenmitarbeiter, die Präsentationen und Meetings halten.

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Lisa Soules
Lisa Soules
Business English Presentations

Lisa Soules is a US American who holds a M.A. degree in American Cultural Studies and a focus on architecture. She has created her own Business English programs for over 4 years now and works together with various companies such as banks, advertising agencies, law offices, real estate etc. She holds in-company trainings and seminars for employees and does one-on-one coaching for Ceos and Executives.


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This is a very young program I have personally designed this year especially for the more advanced students of English. The reason for this program is that I want to offer authentic English listening combined with world-class presentations deriving from interdisciplinary platforms. Not only will the students be amazed at the newest presentations on this platform but they will also gain a keen interest in understanding the authenticity of British or American English or a variety of other “Englishes”. It is especially important to be able to talk freely, to feel at ease when talking to a group and to engage your listener during your presentation. My students here in Frankfurt often tell me that the Americans and British people are very good in presenting things, but that in German schools and universities this is not really trained and practiced. Well, holding presentation isn´t rocket science. Of course you have to learn to love talking and explaining things without boring your audience. If you sign up for this course I will send you online links where you can listen and watch presentations that usually last 20 minutes. You will learn to understand a variety of English and this is extremely helpful to develop your vocabulary and phrases. You will also study phrases for presentations and how to develop and structure presentations. Some of the presentations will, of course, be highly critical. You will probably want to argue against them. For example, I had an extremely exciting presentation about online gaming and how it can help society. My student had to write an essay against online gaming using an essay style called: Argumentative essay. You are invited to do the same. But the main point is to listen and watch online presentations. This is what you have to do yourself. After each presentation (there is a total of ten), we will email/telephone, or, if you are in Frankfurt, we will meet and discuss the presentations face-to-face. All my business English students love this exercise and always ask me to do more.

In the Frankfurt area you can have inhouse-training at your company. We can meet 10 x 1,5hours to discuss the presentations. It is always great to have a company group that meets regularly. You can benefit from lively discussions and idea generating. Also, each one of you can have the wonderful opportunity to hold a presentation as well. Here is where you can put to practice what you have learned.

If you prefer to have private training, I am happy to meet you in the Frankfurt area.

If you prefer long-distance training, I suggest we telephone and email to discuss the presentations and to develop your language skills.

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User, die sich für diesen Kurs interessiert haben, interessierten sich auch für...
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