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Sliema is a major tourism centre occupying a beautiful spot on Malta’s northeastern coast, and an ideal destination for anyone wishing to learn English in Malta. Visitors are drawn to the balmy beaches where snorkeling, diving and cruises can all be enjoyed, and the city offers abundant opportunities for fine dining, excellent shopping and enjoying the vibrant nightlife.

LSI-affiliated language school the English Language Academy is situated just three minutes’ walk from Sliema’s promenade, close to cafes, restaurants and shops. It is a founder member of the Federation of English Language Teaching of Malta (FELTOM), and prides itself on having staff who are friendly, helpful and approachable. Whether you choose a TOEFL exam preparation course or a more general ESL programme, you will benefit from facilities that include air-conditioned classrooms, a library and free internet access. The school also runs teacher training courses aimed at experienced school teachers of English as a second language. The school is also licensed for the EU Socrates Programme for Educational Courses.

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20 Lessons per week (4 lessons per day)
1 lesson: 50 minutes
Hours per week: 16 hours 40 minutes (20 clock hrs/wk in the USA)
15 students max. per class
Course length: 1-50 weeks
Age 16+
During the lessons you rapidly improve your communication skills in a variety of everyday situations. In 2 lessons each day you will cover the following areas: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. In a further 2 lessons you concentrate on: speaking, listening, reading, writing. You use a text book and a wide variety of materials and exercises including roleplays, authentic materials, newspapers and magazines.

1 lesson: 45 minutes.10 students max.(Apr - Oct) and 6 students max. (Nov. to Mar.). Teenage groups are a maximum of twelve.

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SLM 1611, Malta, Malta
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English Language
Advanced English
English Conversation
Communication Skills
English Food


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