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Everyone is a thinker and a doer. Everyone is entrepreneurial. Turn your ideas into action with this free online course.

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15 Februar 2017
30 März 2017

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A park bench? A run? A workshop? A shed? We all have places where we do our best thinking and doing. This course aims to recreate that atmosphere, enabling you to unlock and explore your ideas, and make them happen.

Meet other thinkers and doers

On this course, you’ll meet a whole bunch of thinkers and doers; those just starting out, makers, tinkerers and experienced entrepreneurs. Sharing your ideas with them and other learners will encourage you to have more confidence, to think more, and to do more to create change and solve problems in your world.

Together, we’ll explore questions like:

    • Are you passionate about something that you’d like to change?

    • Have you ever wanted to change something, but didn’t know how to make it happen?

    • How can you make change happen?

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Over four weeks, in this highly participatory course, you’ll explore entrepreneurial mindsets, consider where ideas come from and take steps to switch on your creativity, enabling you to create, develop and share your ideas.

You’ll get the chance to make meaning of the problems you experience, find the confidence to do something with an idea you already have, or address challenges that impact on you or those around you, no matter how big or small.

You can find out more in Katie Wray’s post for the FutureLearn blog: “Why should you join us in The Enterprise Shed?”