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Environmental Health MSc

Middlesex University
In London (Grossbritannien)

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Tipologie Master
Beginn London (Grossbritannien)
Dauer 1 Year
Beginn September 2017
  • Master
  • London (Grossbritannien)
  • Dauer:
    1 Year
  • Beginn:
    September 2017

Environmental health is the branch of public health that's concerned with how our living, working and leisure environments affect our health. It's a gripping subject to study and a fascinating field to work in. Whether you're helping improve the living conditions of society's poorest, or working with a company to improve health and safety for staff and customers, your work will have a huge, life changing and often life saving impact.

Why study MSc Environmental Health at Middlesex?

We are the largest and foremost provider of environmental health education in the UK. Our close links with industry allow us to offer a course which is highly work focused, with a strong emphasis on practical laboratory work and real life case studies. Our excellent facilities include a microbiology laboratory and pestology materials.

Many of our teaching staff are...

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Voraussetzungen: Interviews, entrance tests, portfolios and auditions Entry onto this course does not require an interview, portfolio or audition.


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Beginn Lage
The Burroughs, NW4 4BT, London, Grossbritannien
Karte ansehen
Beginn Sep-2017
The Burroughs, NW4 4BT, London, Grossbritannien
Karte ansehen

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Public Health
IT Law
Environmental Health
Food safety
IT Management


The course will teach you how to identify and assess health and safety risks and take measures to safeguard and improve health and safety in a variety of settings. You’ll gain in depth understanding of all five key areas of environmental health food safety, housing, environmental protection, occupational health and public health.

The MSc course features nine compulsory modules: four core modules, two health and safety modules, two food safety modules and a practical food inspection module, plus a module looking at professional practice and a research methods module (which includes your dissertation). There’s also the option of just studying the four core modules to gain a PG Cert, or leaving out the professional practice and research methods modules (and hence not doing a dissertation) to achieve a PG Dip.

The core modules will cover the impact of different factors on public health; human anatomy, physiology and toxicology; the spread and control of diseases; microbiology; health protection measures; food borne illnesses; auditing premises for food safety; pollution; inequality and deprivation; housing and health; health and safety at work; and law and ethics. For the professional practice module, you’ll apply your knowledge by working on case studies in groups and finding solutions to problems.

The two health and safety modules will focus on identifying and managing health and safety risks at work, and current laws and regulations. The food safety modules will cover methods of food storage and processing; methods of ensuring food safety; techniques for inspecting and analysing food; legal requirements and food safety standards; and protecting the public from food that is not fit for human consumption. You’ll also cover the health effects of diet and nutrition.

For your research project, you’ll design and carry out your own original investigation into an area of your choosing, and present your findings in a 12,000 word thesis and a presentation to your tutor and fellow students. The research methodology module will cover experimental design, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and management, presentation and computing skills. You’ll learn to evaluate different research techniques, search for and review relevant literature, come up with a research proposal, and analyse and present data.
Year 1
Environmental Health: Management and Law (15 Credits) Compulsory
Environmental and Health Interventions (Credits) Compulsory
Environmental and Public Health (15 Credits) Compulsory
Factors Shaping Health and Safety at Work (15 Credits) Compulsory
Managing Health and Safety Processes at Work (15 Credits) Compulsory
Pollution and Disease: Cause, Effects and Control (15 Credits) Compulsory
Practical Food Inspection (10 Credits) Compulsory
Research Methodology and Dissertation (60 Credits) Compulsory
Risk Management: Assessment and Control (15 Credits) Compulsory
Environmental Pollution Control and Law (15 Credits) Optional
Factors Shaping Food Safety Law and Practice (15 Credits) Optional
Science and Technology in the Management of Food Safety (15 Credits) Optional
Sources and Effects of Pollution (15 Credits) Optional

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£12,500 per year