Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant

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A successful career in fashion is envied by many. After all, there are probably very few professions that can rival the glamour of being a fashion guru. The world of fashion is definitely one of the most watched and many people are always concerned about what other people wear, celebrity or not. If you wish to work in this fabulous field as a fashion stylist or image consultant, then start with a program from ICI.

How Will You Benefit?

Fast track your career as a fashion stylist and image consultant
Learn the inside secrets of how to become a fashion stylist and image consultant pro in months not years!
Study a fashion and image course that was designed in conjunction with senior members of the profession
Free up valuable time, don't waste time and money travelling to classes
Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are
Have access to a tutor who works in the industry you are training for
Easy interest free payment plans
Career Prospects

Fashion stylists and image consultants can earn pretty well while prettifying well-known personalities and other individuals. They can work as an independent consultant or be employed by a fashion brand or a company that needs professional styling for their talents. Industries such as film, television, advertising and publishing all need a good stylist to make most of their projects successful. On the other hand, celebrities and public officials employ image consultants to project the look they want the public to perceive about them

ICI’s fashion stylist and image consultant course graduates will learn valuable skills and gain credentials to become:

Fashion Stylist
Image Consultant
Fashion Journalist / Fashion Editor
Fashion Buyer
Fashion Merchandiser
Fashion Marketing
Fashion Retail Sales Manager / Assistant
Makeup Artist
Film & TV Wardrobe Consultant/Assistant
If you have the passion for fashion, make a career out of it by enrolling at ICI!

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Fashion Styling
Colour Schemes
Personal Assistant
Fashion Consultant
Fashion Stylist
Fashion design
Wardrobe Styling
Personal Styling
Design Process


Become a qualified Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant. The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. It also allows you to enter glamorous and enjoyable profession with work and self employment opportunities. Students will complete the following units:

  1. Introduction to Styling
  2. Fashion and Design Process
  3. Elements of Style and Trends
  4. Styling Specifics
  5. Wardrobe Styling
  6. Colour
  7. Personal Styling
  8. Makeovers
  9. Business Practices for Stylists
  10. Marketing