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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 10 Hours (138 lessons)
• Instructor: Andy Anderson
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac


In this Flash CS5 Tutorial Video, expert author Andy Anderson takes you through the ins and outs of Adobe Flash CS5. Flash CS5 has become a web standard for animations, video and even gaming. In this training video, Andy introduces you to the basics of Flash CS5, preparing you to utilize it in many different fashions.

Starting with the basics of creating your Flash documents and projects, this video tutorial covers topics ranging from working with text, graphics, animation and video. You will learn how to work within the Flash timeline, utilize layers, create shapes and use the pen and other drawing tools.

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Voraussetzungen: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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Adobe Flash CS5
Importing Graphics
Flash Movies


Introduction To Flash

Chapter 1 Intro

Opening & Saving Flash Working Documents

Modifying Flash Preferences

Controlling Document Settings

Creating A Flash Project

Basics Of Flash Publishing

Quick Tip - Running The Animation Within Flash

Quick Tip - Customize Tools Panel

Working In The Flash Environment

Chapter 2 Intro

The Flash Timeline

Working With Layers

Controlling Layer Complexity With Folders

Working With Layer Preferences

Understanding Flash Scenes

Quick Tip - Utilizing Flash File Info

Quick Tip - Quick Access To Scenes

Working With Colors - Gradients And Shapes

Chapter 3 Intro

Working With Color

Using The Flash Deco Tool

The Line Drawing Tool

Understanding The Pencil Tool

Working With The Brush & Scatter Brush Tools

Using Predefined Shape Tools

Working With Gradients

Quick Tip - Changing Colors With The Eyedropper Tool

Quick Tip - Adding Strokes And Fills To Objects

Quick Tip - Controlling The Edges Of Objects

Working With The Flash Library

Chapter 4 Intro

Working With Flash Objects

Understanding The Flash Library

Working With Graphic Symbols

Using Movie Clips

Working With Flash Buttons

Generating Graphic Symbols

Creating A Movie Clip

Making A Simple Button

Working With External Libraries

Swapping Library Symbols

Quick Tip - Converting Strokes To Fills

Working Flash Text

Chapter 5 Intro

Classic Versus CS Text

Working In Classic Flash Text

Working With Fonts, Colors & Size

Tracking, Kerning And Leading

Spell Check & Find And Replace

Working With Rotation And Alignment

Embedding Fonts

Breaking Text Apart

Multiple Text Boxes

Quick Tip - Breaking And Reconnecting Column Text

Quick Tip - Working With Special Characters

Quick Tip - Formatting Columnar Text

Importing Graphics Into Flash

Chapter 6 Intro

Bitmap Versus Vector

Dragging And Dropping From An Application

Dragging And Dropping From The Desktop

Using The Flash Import Command

Editing Bitmap Images

Compressing Bitmap Images

Converting Bitmaps To Vector

Quick Tip - Setting Selection Preferences

Working With Flash Animation: Frame-By-Frame

Chapter 7 Intro

Building A Frame-By-Frame Animation

Modifying A Frame-By-Frame Animation

Working With Alignment And Distribution

Editing Tips

Working With Classic Tweening

Chapter 8 Intro

Understanding Classic Tweening

Setting Up The Document

Creating A Classic Tween

Rotating A Tween Object

Working With Gravity

Changing The Shape Of A Tween Shape

Using Guide Layers

Morphing Object With Shape Tweening

Working With Shape Hinting

Quick Tip - Working With Multiple Spans

Quick Tip - Fading With A Tween

Working In The Motion Tween Panel

Chapter 9 Intro

The Motion Editor Panel

Setting Up The Document

Creating A Frame-By-Frame Movie Clip

Simulating Ground Using A Gradient

Adding Mountains With A Motion Tween

Creating A Phone Pole

Adding Motion Tween Clouds

Quick Tip - Centering Objects Using Shortcuts

Quick Tip - Adding A Curve To A Motion Tween

Working With Masks

Chapter 10 Intro

Generating A Basic Mask

Animating A Flash Mask

Adding To The Animated Mask

Shape Changing A Mask

Working With Complex Masks

Adding Layers To An Existing Mask

Quick Tip - Adding Layers To A Mask

Working Audio In Flash

Chapter 11 Intro

Working With Audio

Adding Audio To A Slide Show

Creating A Stop Audio Button

Playing & Pausing Audio

Syncing Audio To The Timeline

Adding Audio To A Button

Using Audio Editor In Flash

Quick Tip - Controlling The Height Of A Timeline Layer

Working With Video In Flash

Chapter 12 Intro

Using The Flash Media Encoder

Adding Video To A Flash Document

Controlling Flash Video Properties

Customizing The Video Interface

Flash TV - Lesson 1

Flash TV - Lesson 2

Flash TV - Lesson 3

Working With Effects - Filters And Bones

Chapter 13 Intro

Working With Effects And Motion - Lesson 1

Working With Effects And Motion - Lesson 2

Working With Flash Filters - Lesson 1

Working With Flash Filters - Lesson 2

Understanding The Bone Tool - Lesson 1

Understanding The Bone Tool - Lesson 2

Quick Tip - Letting Your Users Control The Animation

Using Components And Snippets

Chapter 14 Intro

Using Flash To Access Web Sites

Controlling Movie Clips With Components

Modifying The Flash Cursor

Using Flash To Load External Images

Quick Tip - Whatever Happened To Behaviors

Publishing A Flash Movie

Chapter 15 Intro

Debugging And Publishing Basics

Bandwidth Profiler And Simulate Download

Working Through Publish Settings

Exporting To Other Formats

Exporting To The QuickTime Format

Using Macintosh And Windows Projectors

Saving Publish Settings

Quick Tip - The SWF History Log

Quick Tip - Setting Publish Settings