Flash CS6 Video Tutorial Course

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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 8.75 Hours (97 lessons)
• Instructor: Geoff Blake
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac

In this training course for Adobe Flash CS6, experienced trainer and author Geoff Blake introduces you to Flash, and how you can use it for your design projects. Flash is a multimedia platform that can be used for everything from playing movies, to creating animations, to creating fully interactive games.

You will start with the absolute basics in this training video, getting comfortable with the interface and tool locations within the software. You will quickly delve into working with the drawing tools, playing with shapes and colours, and how to manage objects. You will learn how to work with text, create and manage symbols and how to work with the Flash CS6 library.

Wichtige informationen

Voraussetzungen: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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Adobe Flash
Creating Animations
Playing Movies
Publishing Projects
Key Frames


01. Introduction
0101 Welcome And Course Overview
02. What Is Flash?
0201 Flash's Weaknesses
0202 Flash's Strengths
03. Getting Started
0301 Viewing The Welcome Screen
0302 Creating A New Movie
0303 Creating Movies From Templates
0304 A Tour Of The Interface
0305 Touring Flash's Panels
0306 A Look At The Flash Toolbox
0307 Customizing The Interface
0308 Exploring And Saving Workspaces
0309 Setting Flash Preferences
0310 Setting The Auto-Save Option
0311 Using Auto-Recovery
04. Navigating And Working With Files
0401 Adjusting Magnification
0402 Additional Zooming Techniques
0403 Navigating Within Movies
0404 Setting Movie Properties
0405 Saving Flash Files
05. Getting Started With Flash's Drawing Tools
0501 Getting Started With The Pencil Tool
0502 Pencil Tool Options
0503 Using The Line Tool
0504 Flash's Brush Tool
0505 Understanding The Brush Tool Modes
0506 Using The Eraser Tool And Eraser Modes
0507 Drawing With The Pen Tool
0508 Drawing Straight Lines And Polygons
0509 Drawing Curves And Arcs
0510 Creating Combination Paths
0511 Manipulating Anchor Points - Part 1
0512 Manipulating Anchor Points - Part 2
06. Drawing Shapes In Flash
0601 Drawing Rectangles And Perfect Squares
0602 Setting A Corner Radius On Rectangles
0603 Drawing Ovals, Circles And Wedges
0604 Using The Rectangle Primitive Tool
0605 Using The Oval Primitive Tool
0606 Drawing Polygons And Stars
0607 Understanding The Merge Drawing Mode
0608 Understanding The Object Drawing Mode
0609 Techniques For Selecting Objects - Part 1
0610 Techniques For Selecting Objects - Part 2
07. Applying Color To Objects
0701 Using The Paint Bucket Tool
0702 Applying Outlines With The Ink Bottle
0703 Creating Custom Colors
0704 Applying Colored Transparency
0705 Creating Custom Gradients
08. Managing Objects On The Stage
0801 Positioning Objects Numerically
0802 Duplicating Movie Content
0803 Aligning Objects Together
0804 Spacing Shapes Apart
0805 Transforming Objects
0806 Combining Objects Together
0807 Grouping And Ungrouping
0808 What's Really Going On With Drawing Modes
0809 Understanding Stacking Order
0810 Creating And Managing Layers
09. Working With Text
0901 Creating Point And Paragraph Text
0902 Applying Text Formatting
0903 Creating Multiple Columns
0904 Threading Text Frames Together
10. Symbols Instances And The Library
1001 Understanding Symbols And Instances
1002 Creating Graphic Symbols
1003 Building Graphic Symbols From Scratch
1004 Creating Movie Clip Symbols
1005 Animating Within A Movie Clip
1006 Creating Button Symbols
1007 Understanding The Hit State
1008 Using The Library Panel
1009 Inserting Symbol Instances
1010 Manipulating Instances On The Stage
1011 Editing And Updating Symbols
1012 Using Other Flash File Libraries
1013 Importing Symbols From Other Flash Projects
1014 Using Flash's Common Libraries
11. Creating Animations
1101 Understanding Animation In Flash
1102 Flash's Timeline, Frames, And Key Frames
1103 Getting Started With Motion Tweened Animation
1104 Editing Tweened Animations
1105 Using Motion Presets
1106 Using The Motion Editor
1107 Frame-By-Frame Animation
1108 Using Movie Clips To Control Playback Speed
1109 Creating Classic Motion Tweening
1110 Building More Intricate Objects - Part 1
1111 Building More Intricate Objects - Part 2
12. Triggering Actions With Buttons And Frames
1201 Applying An Action To A Button
1202 Editing ActionScript Code Directly
1203 Controlling Movie Clip Playback - Part 1
1204 Controlling Movie Clip Playback - Part 2
13. Publishing Your Movies
1301 Exporting A Sprite Sheet
1302 Publishing To The SWF Format
1303 Viewing the Results In Dreamweaver
1304 Publishing To AIR For Mobile
1305 Publishing To AIR For Desktop
1306 Flash CS6's New HTML5 Support
1307 Wrapping Up
14. About the Author
1401 Learn About Me