Forensic Science MSc

Anglia Ruskin University
In Cambridge (Grossbritannien)

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  • Master
  • Cambridge (Grossbritannien)
  • Dauer:
    12 Months
  • Wann:
    September 2017
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Expand your knowledge in all areas of forensic science, from gathering evidence at the crime scene itself, right through to the courtroom. Develop your skills and knowledge on our accredited course, as you collect and analyse evidence, equipping you to become a confident and effective practitioner.

Our course combines practical skills with high-level theoretical knowledge of the wide range of forensic techniques you need to apply at all stages of an investigation. Going further still, you’ll be trained to design and execute your own research project in a relevant area, which particularly interests you. This will include guidance on research methods, good practice, presentation and the application of your research.

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Cambridge Campus, East Road, CB1 1PT, Cambridgeshire , Grossbritannien
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Criminal Psychology
Forensic Psychology
Criminal Justice Law
Forensic Accounting
Skills and Training
Criminal court
Criminal law
Forensic science
Criminal investigations
Forensic evidence


Core modules
  • Evidence Collection and ManagementYou'll be provided with the theoretical and practical skills necessary for examining crime scenes and analysing the evidence collected. Evidence recovery will be covered in depth, as will laboratory and other analytical techniques.
  • Mastering Forensic EvidenceYou'll address the important issue of how different evidence types interrelate, and learn how to assess which types may be most important in a particular investigative context. You'll learn to identify the evidential value of diverse evidence types.
  • Mastering Forensic AnalysisThis involves the analysis of physical and biological materials within a forensic science context, mainly offences against a person. The presentation of forensic expert evidence will also be a significant part of this module
  • Specialist TopicsCustomise your studies to cover subject areas not covered in your course, and in which you may have personal expertise or other professional interest.
  • Research MethodsGain the support and foundations in the research skills for your Master’s level dissertation. You’ll investigate generic research activities, including project management and dissertation preparation.
  • Research ProjectHere, you'll be complete a significant research project and present the results in a thesis, prepared to the highest scientific professional standards.

Your progress will be assessed using a variety of methods including laboratory reports, court reports (including witness statements), presentations, exams, essays and reports.

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Course duration:

Full-time - January start, 15 months. September start, 12 months. Part-time - January start, 33 months. September start, 28 months. Part-time teaching times: Trimester 1: Mondays 9am-3pm (in teaching week 12 only: 9am-5pm); Trimester 2: Fridays 9am-4pm

Course fees:

UK & EU students, 2016/17 (per year) £8,100

UK & EU students, 2016/17 (per year part time) £4,050

International students, 2016/17 (per year) £12,400