France Since 1871

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This course covers the emergence of modern France. Topics include the social, economic, and political transformation of France; the impact of France's revolutionary heritage, of industrialization, and of the dislocation wrought by two world wars; and the political response of the Left and the Right to changing French society.

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Workshop and Factory
The Anarchists
Trench Warfare
Vietnam and Algeria


Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The Paris Commune and Its Legacy

Lecture 3 Centralized State and Republic

Lecture 4 A Nation? Peasants, Language, and French Identity

Lecture 5 The Waning of Religious Authority

Lecture 6 Workshop and Factory

Lecture 7 Mass Politics and the Political Challenge from the Left

Lecture 8 Dynamite Club: The Anarchists

Lecture 9 General Boulanger and Captain Dreyfus

Lecture 10 Cafés and the Culture of Drink

Lecture 11 Paris and the Belle Époque

Lecture 12 French Imperialism (Guest Lecture by Charles Keith)

Lecture 13 The Origins of World War I

Lecture 14 Trench Warfare

Lecture 15 The Home Front

Lecture 16 The Great War, Grief, and Memory (Guest Lecture by Bruno Cabanes)

Lecture 17 The Popular Front

Lecture 18 The Dark Years: Vichy France

Lecture 19 Resistance

Lecture 20 Battles For and Against Americanization

Lecture 21 Vietnam and Algeria

Lecture 22 Charles De Gaulle

Lecture 23 May 1968

Lecture 24 Immigration