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Games Design BA/BSc Honours

Middlesex University
In London (Grossbritannien)

£ 9.250 - (10.493 )
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Tipologie Bachelor's degree
Beginn London (Grossbritannien)
Dauer 3 Years
Beginn September 2017
  • Bachelor's degree
  • London (Grossbritannien)
  • Dauer:
    3 Years
  • Beginn:
    September 2017

Games Design is a rapidly changing and converging industry with new technologies, new users and new platforms emerging every day. It is no longer enslaved to large scale, big budget delivery and most opportunities for graduates are in casual games, online games, and mobile games serviced by a growing indie sector.

Our BA/BSc is designed to prepare you with a skillset that is resilient to these changes, equipping you with the specific skills and knowledge needed to launch a career as a Games Designer.

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This programme also helps you develop experience in a wide range of digital technologies that will enable you to work within the broader creative industries. Our state of the art facilities give you access to over 30 workstations equipped with an impressive array of the latest software

You'll learn to work in groups and individually on a series of projects that will let you discover your strengths and build up an impressive portfolio. You will get to develop a wide range of skills, ranging from programming, story development, novel interface use, and game play design. As games designers and developers, you will work alongside artists from our BA 3D Animation and Games programme in coordinated workshops. To help direct your future career, work placement opportunities are built into the curriculum. Middlesex also has very strong links with potential employers , indeed, our industry partners provide live briefs and visiting lectures.

Voraussetzungen: Interviews, entrance tests, portfolios and auditions Entry onto this course requires you to attend an interview and submit a portfolio of your work. We use the interview to find out more about you, to better understand your aspirations and interests, and to explore why you want to study with us.


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Beginn Lage
The Burroughs, NW4 4BT, London, Grossbritannien
Karte ansehen
Beginn Sep-2017
The Burroughs, NW4 4BT, London, Grossbritannien
Karte ansehen

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Skills and Training
Practical skills
games design
Game Fundamentals
game mechanics
interaction design
planning methods


Year 1
Creative Technologies Workshop 1 (30 Credits)

This module develops knowledge and skills in the use of core technologies related to games development. This includes an introduction to programming, essential 3D modelling and the use of games engines.

Creative Technologies Workshop 2 (30 Credits)

This module enables you to extend and apply the skills and knowledge developed in the previous module by producing working prototypes of elements of your own game that you've designed.

Game Fundamentals 1 (30 Credits)

An understanding of the fundamental principles and approaches is an essential part of becoming a competent Games Designer. This module will introduce you to a range of topics including design methodologies, idea generation techniques, project planning methods, game mechanics, interaction design, user experience, player types and theories relating to play.

Game Fundamentals 2 (30 Credits)

This module is focussed on designing and implementing game elements. This will include taking part in a variety of project based workshops involving non digital prototyping, play testing and observation methodologies.

Year 2
Advanced Creative Technologies Workshop 1 (30 Credits)

The module builds on your practical skills and knowledge. It introduces different approaches to programming and implementing games on a range of platforms, including mobile, tablet, PC, consoles and AR.

Advanced Creative Technologies Workshop 2 (30 Credits)

Collaboration and teamwork are vital skills for a Games Designer. This module enables you to work in teams from other programmes to design and implement a playable level.

Game Culture (30 Credits)

Games have become a significant part of our lives. This module will explore some of the important cultural aspects that games have including such topics as ludology, ethnicity, gender, addiction, ethics, gamification and serious games.

Game Technologies (30 Credits)

Technical advances are constantly producing new game related interfaces. This module allows you to explore a range of novel technologies and to produce ways of integrating these into gameplay.

Year 3
Project Proposition and Planning (30 Credits)

This module will enable you to devise and plan a coherent, achievable and innovative final project. A series of presentations and group presentations will help you get your project approved and ready for implementation.

Final Project: Technical (30 Credits)

For those students undertaking a BSc, this module will be focussed on producing a working level or game via extensive programming and playtesting. Opportunities for live briefs and placements are built into this module.

Final Project: Design led (30 Credits)

For those students undertaking a BA, this module will focus on producing a working level or game using scripting and a games engine. Opportunities for live briefs and placements are built into this module.

Professional Portfolio (30 Credits)

Having a professional portfolio is vital in helping you to begin your career, whether you want to start your own studio, join an existing indie studio or a major games company. This module aims to help you consolidate, present and disseminate the work you have already completed in your studies.

Research and Documentation (30 Credits)

Designing and making a new game requires a good deal of contextual research, design justification, project documentation and reflection. This module will help you develop the documentation to accompany your Final Project.

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£11,500 per year