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This course in general pedagogy is a natural continuation of the previous course, which focused on theories and models.

In this second part of the course, we will look at how the theory and concepts are applied in educational practice.

Pedagogy is, in fact, a field of empirical, as well as critical / theoretical research, so our focus will be on situations in which learning happens, on actions that lead to education, educational methods and education as a tool for social inclusion and growth.

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The approach we will use is the same as in the first part of the course - General and Social Pedagogy: theory and research - so we will use a connectivist model, according to which the development of connections is a fundamental element of learning.

For this reason, the ability to identify connections between fields, ideas and concepts is the primary resource for learning and, during the course, students will be continually encouraged to do this.


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Course structure of the MOOC:

Lesson 1 - Learning as a subject of pedagogic research: environment, levels and dimensions

Lesson 2 - The concept of experience as formative category

Lesson 3 - Educating: Contexts, intentions, reasons

Lesson 4 - The practices of education. Situativity, legitimacy, control, reflexivity

Lesson 5 - Education and inclusion