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The free online course Health and Safety for Caregiving is designed to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to keep both yourself and your clients safe while you perform your duties as a caregiver. A client may suffer a serious fall, seizure or even a diabetic emergency and carers need to be able to deal with any emergencies that they encounter in a calm manner. This course will help you develop the skills necessary to deal with a range of medical and physical emergencies, allowing you to provide care to your client with greater peace of mind. The course begins by introducing you to a variety of medical conditions that carers may encounter when working with clients. You will learn how to identify their symptoms, prevent their spread and, if necessary, treat them. You will then study the role that nutrition and hydration play in keeping your clients healthy. You will learn how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for a wide range of diets including diabetic, celiac and lactose intolerant. You will also develop an ability to prevent foodborne illness by preparing meals in a safe environment. The course then continues to examine a further range of emergencies that you may encounter when working with a client. You will learn how to identify a range of medical emergencies including anaphylactic shock, diabetic attacks and strokes. You will then examine the correct actions to be taken and how to protect your client in each case. You will then examine other risks, including falls and fire safety. You will learn how to treat your client in the event of a fall and prevent or extinguish a fire should one occur when you are with a client. The course will be of great interest to all professionals working in the caregiving profession, who wish to ensure that their skills are kept to the highest standard possible. This free course will also be of great interest to any learner considering pursuing a career in the caregiving industry.

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Treating Infections
Caregiving Assessment


Module Title Module 1: Identifying and Treating Infections Module 2: Preparing for and Dealing with Emergencies Module 3: Health and Safety for Caregiving Assessment

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