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The free online course in Hospitality Management Studies – Hotel Operations provides detailed information on a variety of hotel management operations including the front office department and the housekeeping department. The course first introduces hotel ownership classifications and the different modes of hotel management such as management contract enterprises and franchising. You will learn about the classification of hotel departments into categories such as revenue centred and cost centred departments. You will also gain an understanding of the organization of hotel departments and their varied functions and how they work together to provide a positive experience to hotel guests. Next, you will learn about the front office department, from the organization of the front office to the key positions and duties of staff, such as the front office manager, reception staff and concierge staff. You will also learn about the day to day operations, such as the main duties of the front desk staff and the standard procedures that should be followed by staff for the registration and check-out of guests. You will also gain an understanding of what is involved in the four different phases of the guest cycle as well as an understanding of room sales revenue and sales indicators. Finally, you will learn about the housekeeping department, which refers to rooms and related products and services that hotel guests will utilize. You will learn about the various types of housekeeping positions, such as room attendants, cleaners and supervisors, and their roles and duties within the department. You will also learn about the relationships of the housekeeping department with other hotel departments, the standard procedures to be followed during room cleaning operations and the room status codes and terminologies used by hotels to enhance inter-departmental communications.

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Module Title Module 1: Introduction to Hotel Management Module 2: Hotel Front Office Operations Module 3: Hotel Housekeeping Department Module 4: Hospitality Management Studies - Hotel Operations Assessment

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