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This basic course is for Retailer Category Managers, Category Assistants, Accounting Users, and Analysts.

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· Voraussetzungen

You should:

  • Have some experience using web browsers, the internet and Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Be able to navigate a GUI environment
  • Have experience working with spreadsheets and reports

As you work through the concepts and tasks, it is assumed that you are familiar with Microsoft Excel; although this will not be a blocking issue to learning.


This retail specific course teaches the retail user how to view and act on deals that are sent to them by their suppliers.

Training Paths that reference this course are:

  • IBM Omni-Channel Merchandising Deal Management Course Offerings

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  • Navigate within the Deal Management solution
  • Locate deals using the Master Deal Center which have been submitted, resubmitted, and rescinded by the vendor
  • Recognize how the Deal Management system works between you and the vendor
  • Vendor functionalities
  • Interpret deal statuses and change them accordingly to allow negotiation
  • View deal details
  • Add a document attachment set to public for vendor viewing
  • Recognize the concepts of the Deal Management workflow
  • Recognize how retailer data flows into the Deal Management solution
  • Identify when a vendor is able to delete, rescind, and cancel a deal
  • Set e-mail notifications
  • Customize your Master Deal Center
  • View reports using the reporting module
  • Use Online Help and other reference materials
  • Contact Customer Support by e-mail or toll-free phone number

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