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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Adobe Illustrator CS4 Essentials Training Course Introduction With our Adobe Illustrator CS4 training course, you'll discover a world of amazing tools and commands within the industry standard vector drawing application, Adobe Illustrator. you'll learn tricks, techniques, and go-arounds to achieve brilliant results, artistic effects, and stunning visuals. Whether you're preparing work for print, the web, or beyond, you'll gain the skills necessary to stay competitive in todays marketplace using Illustrator CS4.

Course Details
  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 6 Hours
  • Platform: Windows and MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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Stream your training via the internet, or download to your computer and supported mobile device, including iPad™, iPhone™, iPod™ Touch and most Android devices.

Course Outline Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS4 (32 min)
  1. Setting Up a New Document
  2. The Toolbox and Menus
  3. The Application Bar and Panels
  4. Customizing Workspaces and Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Setting Preferences
  6. Navigating a Document
  7. Using Rulers, Guides and Grids
  8. Document Color Modes, Setup and the New Artboard Tool
  1. Drawing Rectangles and Squares
  2. Drawing Ovals and Circles
  3. Drawing Polygons and Stars
  4. Drawing Lines, Arcs and Grids
  5. Tracing a Placed Image
Chapter 3: MAKING and SAVING SELECTIONS (24 min)
  1. Using the Selection Tool
  2. Using the Direct Selection Tool
  3. Using the Lasso Tool
  4. Using the Magic Wand Tool
  5. Using Advanced Selection Techniques
  6. Saving and Reloading Selections
Chapter 4: MANAGING SHAPES (32 min)
  1. Moving and Copying Shapes
  2. Aligning and Distributing
  3. Grouping
  4. Locking and Hiding
  5. Transforming Shapes
Chapter 5: WORKING WITH COLOR (46 min)
  1. Applying Fill and Stroke
  2. Loading Swatch Libraries
  3. Copying Fill and Stroke Attributes with the Eyedropper
  4. Mixing and Saving Custom Colors
  5. Working with Pantone(R) and Web-Safe Swatches
  6. Using Gradients
  7. Working with Symbols
  1. Using the Pencil, Eraser and Smooth Tools
  2. Creating Straight Paths with the Pen Tool
  3. Creating Curved Paths with the Pen Tool
  4. Creating Combo Paths
  5. Inking a Pencil Drawing
  6. Manipulating Paths and Anchor Points
  7. Creating Artistic Brush Effects
  1. Setting Up a Layer
  2. Understanding Layers, Sublayers and Isolation Mode
  3. Creating Multiple Versions of a Layout
  4. Moving Content between Layers
  5. Duplicating Layers
  6. Applying Transparency and Blending Modes
Chapter 8: WORKING WITH TYPE (53 min)
  1. Creating Artistic and Paragraph Type
  2. Importing Text
  3. Formatting Text
  4. Creating and Editing Paragraph Styles
  5. Creating a Bulleted List and Inserting Special Characters
  6. Wrapping Text around Objects
  7. Creating Type on a Path
  8. Type Effects 12:01
Chapter 9: OUTPUTTING YOUR WORK (35 min)
  1. Saving Your Work
  2. Exporting Your Work
  3. Save for Web and Devices
  4. Printing and Saving to Adobe PDF
  5. Credits
  1. Exploring the Tools Panel
  2. Exploring the Properties Panel and Preferences
  3. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Zooming In and Out
  5. Modifying Canvas Properties
  6. Accessing Fireworks Help and Support
Chapter 2: WORKING WITH BITMAPS (27 min)
  1. Importing and Cropping
  2. Making Selections
  3. Adjusting Color
  4. Using the Rubber Stamp Tool
  5. Using the Blur Tool and History Panel
  6. Transforming and Positioning an Image
Chapter 3: CREATING VECTOR IMAGES (23 min)
  1. Using Rulers, Guides and Grids
  2. Selecting Colors and Swatches
  3. Drawing a Shape and Adding a Gradient
  4. Using the Ellipse Tool
  5. Using the Freeform and Subselection Tools to Distort Shapes
  6. Using the Line Tool and Applying Patterns and Textures
  7. Applying Filters and Working with Styles
Chapter 4: WORKING WITH TEXT (15 min)
  1. Creating and Formatting Text
  2. Using Placeholder Text and Importing Text
  3. Using the Find and Replace and Check Spelling Commands
Chapter 5: WORKING WITH LAYERS (20 min)
  1. Introducing the Layers Panel
  2. Adding and Deleting Layers and Sub Layers
  3. Showing, Hiding and Locking Layers
  4. Renaming, Organizing and Changing Stacking Order
  5. Single Layer Editing and Flattening Layers
Chapter 6: ADVANCED METHODS and FEATURES (18 min)
  1. Combining Paths
  2. Changing Opacity and Blend Modes
  3. Creating and Applying Commands
  4. Attaching Text to a Path
  1. Using Rulers to Determine Button Size
  2. Creating and Aligning a Button
  3. Stylizing a Button
  4. Setting Button States
  5. Creating Multiple Buttons
  6. Naming, Linking and Testing Buttons
Chapter 8: CREATING SLICES and HOTSPOTS (17 min)
  1. Creating a Hotspot
  2. Naming and Linking Hotspots
  3. Inserting Slices Based on Selections
  4. Using the Slice Tools, Testing and Previewing
Chapter 9: OPTIMIZING FOR EXPORT (30 min)
  1. Introducing the Optimize Panel
  2. Choosing a File Format and Settings
  3. Comparing JPEG Optimization Settings
  4. Optimizing a GIF and Saving a Preset
  5. Exporting Your File and Viewing It in Dreamweaver®
Chapter 10: CREATING GIF ANIMATIONS (20 min)
  1. Intro to Animation and the States Panel
  2. Using the Share Layer To States and Animate Selection Commands
  3. Symbols, Adding a Still Text State and Onion Skinning
  4. Frame-by-Frame Animation
  5. Adjusting the Timing, Looping and Exporting
  1. Using Library Items in Dreamweaver
  2. Exporting a SWF and Editing It in Flash®
  3. Editing Layers in Photoshop®
  4. Editing Vector Graphics in Illustrator®
  5. Credits