Innovation Generation: How to Be Creative - University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

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Learn from a renowned innovation expert how to spark your creativity. This proven method will make you more open-minded and productive.  With this course you earn while you learn, you gain recognized qualifications, job specific skills and knowledge and this helps you stand out in the job market.

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Das Beste The instructor was boring and provided stale, time worn ideas (which is surprises for a course on innovation). But worse was her arrogance and peddling of her social agendas. There was barely a pretense of objectivity and it did not relate to the course. Even worse was her closed mindedness to ideas different from hers. Worse course I even took.

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Das Beste I think this course will be interesting and I am going to try it. I am creative and always wanted to study innovation.

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Das Beste Very good course for such a short period: gives you a methodology to structurally approach innovative thinking. Incentives thinking out of the box. It's only a 5 week course, which of course is not enough to be fully trained in creative thinking, but having acquired the tools, now the practical job is personal.

Zu verbessern Everything OK.

Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2016 | Recomendarías este centro? Sí.

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Novel ideas


Innovative thinking is one of the top characteristics global businesses look for in their employees. Yet only 1 in 4 of us feel that our creativity is where we want it to be. Why should this surprise us? Almost none of us has ever been taught how to be inventive. This course is based on an extraordinarily successful program that has been presented at over 70 top American universities. Over the next 5 weeks Dr. Roberta Ness, an internationally renowned physician-scientist and an expert in innovative thinking, provides proven techniques to expand your originality. The method she will teach you is described by the acronym PIG In MuD: Define the problem, identify frames, generate all possible alternatives, incubate, meld to your best ideas, and disseminate. Your mascot will be Eggbert, an uptight, risk-avoidant pig who will learn a thing or two along with you. Along with Eggbert, you will sharpen your powers of observation, making surprising associations, expanding assumptions, pulling questions apart, and thinking backwards. Solving real-world problems in business and science, you will hone your creative thinking skills. In a final group project, you will be amazed by how creative you have become. Since the top projects will be voted up onto the home page and visible to all collaborating companies, you may even come across unique career opportunities when you and your ideas are “discovered.” The funding for this course was made possible by the UTHealth Innovation in Cancer Prevention Research Training Program (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas grant #RP140103). The content is solely the responsibility of the creators and does not necessarily represent the views of the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas.

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Dr. Roberta Ness Dr. Ness has often been called one of America’s foremost experts in innovative thinking. Dr. Ness received her MD from Cornell University and her MPH from Columbia University. She currently holds the James W. Rockwell Professorship in Public Health at The University of Texas School of Public Health and is the Vice-President for Innovation at The University of Texas Health Science Center.