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In this professional development course for teachers, you'll learn the secrets of technology integration in the classroom, gaining the skills educators need to use tools such as wikis, podcasts, and blogs effectively. You'll discover simple ways to integrate technology to enhance your subject material and meet your course goals. We'll explore quick-and-easy, standards-based solutions for more interactive lesson plans, exciting WebQuests, and challenging assignments. We'll also unleash the power of Web resources, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

You'll learn how to design your presentation station, identify kid-friendly Internet search tools, teach keyboarding and word processing, and develop standards-based, integrated lesson plans in reading, writing, science, math, social studies, music, and art. We'll delve into ways to reach special needs, GATE, and English language learners. Finally, we'll look at computer ethics and the future of technology in the classroom.

Whether you're new to the integration process or already use emerging technologies in your classroom, this course is a must for all of today's teachers who often have to produce more and more in less and less time. By the end of our time together, you'll have a treasure of ideas for integrating all types of technology into your lesson plans across the curriculum! Training on classroom technology should be a priority for all teachers. Our range of online classroom computing courses can help your team.

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Voraussetzungen: Internet access, e-mail, and the Netscape or Firefox or Internet Explorer Web browser.


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Word Processing
MS Excel
Ms PowerPoint
Ms Word


Lesson 1 Discover how the learning-centered teaching style invites technology integration.
Lesson 2 Learn about and design a teacher presentation station.
Lesson 3 Introduce Internet technology into a lesson.
Lesson 4 Incorporate keyboarding and word processing in your classroom.
Lesson 5 Integrate technology including blogs into reading instruction.
Lesson 6 Integrate technology including wikis into writing instruction.
Lesson 7 Integrate technology including podcasts into science instruction.
Lesson 8 Integrate Word and Excel and other technology to your math lessons.
Lesson 9 Integrate PowerPoint, Desktop Publishing, and other technology into your social studies lessons.
Lesson 10 Capitalize on technology as an affordable way to bring music and art back to school.
Lesson 11 Use technology to reach different types of learners in your classroom.
Lesson 12 Discover integration tips that will help you make your classroom safer and smarter.

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