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The Intensive Course 24+6 provides you with the German language skills required for further education, to achieve your career goals and broaden your horizons. In our short-term courses, starting at a duration of one week, you acquire basic knowledge of German or develop your existing language skills in a targeted manner. Prospective students or those preparing for a professional qualification in Germany can systematically build up the necessary German language skills to meet specific needs in our long-term courses and reach the required language level in best time.

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Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?

In addition to group language training, the "Lernstudio" is a key component of the Intensive Course 24+6. You may select from the following learning options:

Learning with a tutor
Whichever option you choose, the Carl Duisberg "Lernstudio" is designed to be a learning venue for students to apply their language skills. You may study independently or with instruction and seek out help with your homework. Learning a language with others is particularly effective for promoting the social aspect of foreign language learning.

A variety of language learning materials are available at the Carl Duisberg "Lernstudio". Our experienced trainers conduct workshops and organize projects to help you make the most of your time.

The afternoon program at the "Lernstudio" combined with group language training materials and the leisure program are the ideal language learning combination. The new material that is introduced in the mornings is then effectively put into practice in the afternoons.

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After receiving your online enrolment you will receive an email with a COURSE RESERVATION for the Spanish course that you have enrolled for.

Voraussetzungen: The minimum age for the Intensive Course 24+6 is 16 (in Radolfzell: 15). Participants with prior German language skills may begin a German course on any given Monday.


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Jägerstraße 64 (Toreinfahrt 63 A), 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
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German Language
German Speaking
Beginners German
Advanced German
Intermediate German
German Literature
Cultural Diversity


1 week   250 €
2 weeks 460 €
3 weeks 645 €
4 weeks 860 €
6 weeks 1290 €
8 weeks 1720 €
10 weeks 2150 €
12 weeks 2340 €
24 weeks 4200 €
30 weeks 5400 €
36 weeks 5940 €
40 weeks 6600 €
48 weeks 7920 €


High season surcharge per week

(04.07.–02.09.2016)25 €