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Stieghorster Str. 60, 33605, Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW, Deutschland
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Basic English Language Skills


Matt Beadle
Matt Beadle
English Management Training

BSc (Hons) C.E.L.T.A.


It is the aim of this seminar to offer the participants practically-oriented training which will help them to make and receive professional, international business telephone calls in English.

English is the world's language but it is not the mother tongue for the majority of its speakers. It can be a minefield to deal professionally with the differing accents, vocabularies and emotions which one encounters.

The trainer uses motivational exercises, roll plays, live telephone training, vocabulary training and the experience/anecdotes of the participants to detail complicated, specific and typical telephone situations.

The participants will be able to communicate confidently on the phone in English, after completion of this seminar.

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