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This course is a hands-on introduction to internet measurements. You will learn about measuring the structure of the internet and the routes through that structure, about delays, losses and connectivity, about bandwidth, and about traffic.

You will see how to make these measurements, and you will understand what you can and cannot learn from them. We teach you how to run measurements from any computer. This course provides you with the ability to launch measurements on PlanetLab Europe, a platform consisting of internet connected servers at over 150 locations around the continent.

This course is structured in 5 weeks. Each week, around 6 course sequences will be available with video lectures, supplementary ressources, associated quiz and applicative exercises.

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Voraussetzungen: You will be ready for this course if you have the level of understanding of internet technology that comes from an advanced undergraduate course or a first Masters course in networking, or equivalent professional experience.


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Course Syllabus
  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Topology and routes
  • Week 3: Connectivity, losses, latency, and geolocation
  • Week 4: Bandwidth
  • Week 5: Traffic Measurements

Students' work in the course is assessed through weekly online quizzes based on the content of the videos. In addition, students are asked to perform measurements on the PlanetLab Europe platform through an interface provided by the course, and are quizzed on the results of these experiments. Students are also invited to conduct measurements from their own computers as additional exercises, which are not assessed. A certificate will be issued by FUN, confirming successful completion of the Mooc.