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The course is open to anyone interested in the topic. However, the course is specifically targeted at teachers, but it is also of relevance to head teachers and policy makers working in the area.

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Enhanced Teaching
Introducing Technology


id you know that two-thirds of teachers in the European Union learn about ICT in their own time, and almost all are positive about its impact on students, according to the Survey in schools: ICT and education (2013)? Despite this readiness however, many teachers in Europe still have a lack of competence in using ICT in their teaching and use it only to a small extent in their classrooms. In order to meet this challenge, the European project MENTEP (Mentoring Technology-Enhanced Teaching, managed by European Schoolnet and funded by the European Commission) is developing an online self-assessment tool to empower teachers to progress in their Technology-Enhanced Teaching (TET) competence at their own pace.

This course, which is the first in the MENTEP MOOC series on improving Technology-Enhanced Teaching, is an integral part of the project. The MENTEP MOOC series will support the project’s goals to:

Boost teachers’ competence and confidence to use ICT in the classroom
Increase the number of teachers able to innovate using ICT
Enhance the uptake of ICT in teaching and learning
Strengthen the professional profile of the teaching profession
Improve data on teachers’ digital competence and training needs
Promote stronger coherence between EU and national approaches to the assessment of Technology-Enhanced Teaching competence

Interested in learning what Technology Enhanced Teaching (TET) competence is, how much you have of it, and how to develop more? Then this course is for you! The course will last 5 weeks and mainly targets teachers, but is also of relevance to head teachers and policy makers working in this area. 

Over this first course’s 4 modules, we will look at how TET competence is currently defined in national and international frameworks, and how certain countries are using online assessment tools to monitor this. We will also explore how teachers’ TET competence can be meaningfully assessed with a particular focus on the role of online self and peer-assessment. At the heart of the course will be examples of teachers’ experiences of using their TET competence to effectively teach their students. 

Join us for this introductory course, and then be invited to join the follow-up MOOC in which you will have the chance to collaboratively help us define a new self-assessment tool we are developing for teachers. If you are a policy maker, watch out particularly for the last course of the MENTEP MOOC series, which will provide a step-by-step guide on how to go about a similar policy experimentation in your country and provide training opportunities for teachers and school heads to enhance their professional development. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the course, and we hope you are as excited as we are about starting this learning journey together!