Introduction to Marketing Writing

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Introduction to Marketing Writing. How to write powerful and effective marketing copy. A self-paced course aimed at writers working in business. This course will help you understand the importance of good writing in all business communications, from advertising, web content and brochure copy to marketing emails. During the course you will study what makes business writing effective, and learn how good writing can increase profits and make your business work better. This course runs over three months, and includes 12 sessions which last for a week each. The learning materials include videos, podcasts, reading suggestions, practical writing exercises, and examples of good and bad practice. However, we give access for the three months. All the learning materials are available 24 hours a day, and sessions you have completed remain available throughout the course for you to review. You have the option of sharing your practical exercises and discussing and critiquing your work with other students.

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The course aims to enable understudies to: AIMS -This course allows you to: Understand why and how effective marketing writing can benefit business. Learn how to write memorable and effective copy that communicates the core objectives of your business. Apply the principles of the course to your day-to-day business. OUTCOMES -On completing this course you should be able to demonstrate: Greater awareness of the factors that impact upon and shape marketing writing and your own practice of the craft. Increasing knowledge of how marketing writers use techniques to give their message maximum impact. Growing awareness of the expectations of your audiences. Better judgement in the selection, development and realisation of ideas in your marketing writing. Greater technical proficiency (grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation) in your writing. A willingness to experiment and explore different techniques and writing prompts. An expanded writing repertoire. The ability to self-direct your writing practice. More professionalism in working with others.

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The Contents of this course is divided into 12 Sessions are as follows- Session 1: What is marketing writing? -What is the purpose of writing in business? An introduction to the key concepts and how marketing writing affects audiences. Session 2: Different types of marketing writing -Analysing various styles and what makes each one tick. Session 3: Creative briefs – basics -Why briefs are at the heart of successful marketing writing. Essential components of a brief. Session 4: Creative briefs – writing your own -Thinking about your audience and making a brief work for different needs. Session 5: What makes writing effective? -Good and bad style basics, including opaque words and phrases plus ways of declogging your text, cutting and focusing. Session 6: Writing as you speak -Outlining your proposition, key message or core description. Session 7: How marketing writing works -What makes people buy, and how to reflect that in writing. Session 8: Structuring a piece of marketing writing -Features vs benefits; the relative value of headlines, main text, boxouts, quotes and fact boxes. Session 9: The importance of the call to action -Analysing and assembling the core components of a campaign. Session 10: Getting your key message noticed -What are you really trying to say, and what’s the best container for your message?. Session 11: What makes a headline work -The critical role of the headline and first sentence; experimenting with different types. Session 12: Write your own marketing portfolio -Now work on longer pieces of writing to build a portfolio of work (up to 2,000 words) using all the techniques you have learned during the course. Option to critique your fellow writers.

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This Course is Made for Students and they get better understanding of the conventions of marketing writing and how they can be applied creatively to your business practice. Improved writing skills and English. Greater technical proficiency in the use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax. An expanded writing repertoire and range of techniques and a portfolio of business writing developed during the course.