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The Italian Business courses enable students to make fast progress learning with specialists in one to one or small group sessions. These courses are offered throughout the year and are ideal if you need the Italian language for study or work.

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Joyce G.
Das Beste I want to share my wonderful experience with the Instituto Galilei and help others to achieve an understanding of the language and culture as I did. Being over 50 years old, it is not the same to learn a language. I was pleased to see that Istituto Galilei is an adult school intended for adults. It is focused towards adults and tailored by professional teachers, highly skilled. By spending 8 years there every day, I saw how perfect and complete their curriculum was. Plus the environment of the Istituto Galilei is excellent within Florence. Apart from the learning part, they showed me a human side by helping me find a hotel and transport and by worrying about my well being.

Zu verbessern I wish istituto Galilei the best and hope that everyone can see their professionalism! No negative aspects, obviously!

Kurs abgeschlossen: Juni 2015 | Recomendarías este centro? Sí.

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Intensive Italian
Italian Language
Italian Conversation
Advanced Italian
Beginners Italian
Cultural Studies
Italian Literature
Italian Cookery
Intermediate Italian
Business Italian
Literature Study


The one-to-one courses give the opportunity of focusing on a specific aspect and vocabulary of the Italian language. This is why many persons, who are looking for Italian business courses or language specialization courses, are choosing an Italian one-to-one course with the deepening of one of the following features:

 Business courses & specialization of a particular vocabularies
 Exam preparation & study of Italian literature
 Study of librettos for opera singers
 Refresher course for Italian teachers abroad (non-Italians)

The lessons of the Italian one-to-one course are combined with specific material and thematic conversations. If you wish, particular situations of your work or the field in which you need the Italian language can be studied and reproduced in class. If there is some specific material (of your work etc.), which can serve as a base for these lessons, you can bring them with you (preferable written in Italian or English).
The lessons of vocabulary are given by an expert of the field.

Please find following a short description of the most current topics and fields of language specialization. Still, the list does not mean to be complete. The program can be adapted to any request of language specialization:
- Business courses and specialization of particular vocabularies;
- Exam preparation and study of Italian literature;
- Study of librettos for opera singers;
- Refresher course for Italian teachers abroad (non Italians);
- Italian language and Italian literature.

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The teaching method of the individual courses at Institute Galilei gives fast and efficient results in only a few days of lessons, and has been elaborated and refined during the last 28 years of specializing in one-to-one teaching.
We use a flexible and personalized teaching approach, taking into consideration that mother-tongue, age, interests, study habits and motivation make a difference from person to person in terms of time and ways of learning.