Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2 (DVD)

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The ultimate techniques for advanced photographers In this the fourth programme of the Karl Taylor Masterclass Series we push your photography boundaries even further with top pro techniques and further specialised areas for capturing stunning images. Karl takes you on location for several fashion shoots, including one with just natural light plus one for strobists. Also learn Karl’s top tips for night sky photography as we visit the deserts of California with some spectacular results, and fasten your seatbelt for a dynamic motion car shoot. With some new HDR photography plus a panoramic shoot you have more than two and a half hours of inspirational photography training. Watch as we take photos and SHOW YOU exactly how! Learn to take photographs that stand out from the crowd by learning professional techniques from top professional photographer Karl Taylor. Karl shoots pictures for some of the worlds leading companies, and his work is published all over the world. If you're going to learn to shoot pictures like this you can only do it if you learn from someone with a proven track record not only in professional photography but also in photography training. The photos in the carousel to the left are just some of the photos edited on this training course. You will benefit from seeing exactly how these photographs were retouched watching the steps to get a great finished image. Includes 30 FREE Bonus Photography Training Videos Why not take a look at some of the great bonus material that you receive when you start the Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass Course. With our perfect mix of DVD, video and online training you can watch and learn over and over again. Features of this DVD: 150 minutes run time 16:9 widescreen PAL (Standard, Australia) or NTSC (N. America, Japan) formats Customers also receive Online Photography Knowledge Group access Enjoy Privileged Access to the Photography Knowledge Forum Receive...

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Professional Photography
SLR Photography


On this DVD you will learn: HDR Photography Merging to HDR Panoramic Images Landscape Flash Twilight and Night Photography Fashion Photography      Scrims and the Midday Sun  Opportunity Photography Night Skies      Flowing Water Car shoot Photography Review       Lingerie shoot  Torches Tin Mines Fashion In Flowers

HDR Photography – Find out what it takes to create realistic or abstract HDR images. This step by step guide will take out the guess work so you can focus on getting the source files you need.

Merging to HDR - The best HDR images are a result of good blending and understanding the EV. Follow along with the steps taken to go from transforming your source photos to the final stunning HDR image.

Panoramic Images - Create beautiful wall art with panoramic stitching techniques. In this section you will discover what scenes make the best panoramic images and get tips on merging images for the best results.

Landscape Flash – Learn what the simple but effective use of a flash in high-sync mode can do to improve your landscape photography.

Twilight and Night Photography – Improve your night photography with several examples of how to capture serene yet spectacular night images. Find out why a light during certain times of the day can make or break your image.

Fashion Photography - Unpack your flash and learn how to do a fashion shoot. With four completely different scenarios, find out how to do it with the latest Pro Gear but also how to do it on a budget with simple, inexpensive lighting equipment.

Scrims and the Midday Sun - Don’t have any lights? Discover how to get some great fashion shots using just sunlight and learn how to overcome the problem of harsh sunlight.

Opportunity Photography – Take a walk through the vibrant streets of New York to capture opportunity images. Develop your eye for spotting an image with the right light and then learn how to add extra elements to transform the scene into a superb photograph.

Night Skies –Discover the wonder of astrophotography and learn to capture the Milky Way and distant star fields in brilliant detail. Remember these tips and you will create magical surreal night landscapes with ease.

Flowing Water – See how to create dream-like and magical effects with flowing water as we head into the forest to shoot an idyllic flowing river.

Car shoot - Stick your camera on a car and learn how to capture truly unique images. Using a few simple accessories, the results will astound you.

Photography Knowledge Review – As a final wrap up, Karl Taylor reviews each image for an overview to ensure you have understood exactly how to achieve the top results for professional photography.