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The Complete Masterclass Photography Package (Combines the following courses & you save 30%) The Ultimate DSLR Photography DVD Course
The Ultimate SLR Photography Course is designed to provide you with everything you need to help you grow from being an absolute beginner to becoming an advanced SLR user. The Karl Taylor Masterclass Collection not only provides you with all the essential information needed to get started in DSLR photography but it also takes you beyond with his level 2 Advanced training product! You will learn to take great photographs in a very short space of time. This photography course includes the Following Karl Taylor Courses: “Introduction to Photography” “Travel & Landscape Photography” “Advanced Digital Photography 1” “Advanced Digital Photography Level 2”  Better Photos with your Compact Camera Course (DVD) Realise it or not but we have all become photographers! The advent of social media, combined with modern mobile phones and compact cameras has probably had an impact on us all. Most of us are likely exhibiting our photography every day! It's so easy to take a snap shot and within minutes have it online for friends and family to enjoy. But even with all the fancy technology such as face detection, smile recognition and auto modes why do some photos come out great and others a complete disappointment? In this exciting course Karl steers you past the common compact camera pit-falls and teaches you how to easily capture stunning photos every time.
If you’ve become baffled by the multitude of settings on your compact or you struggle to get the results you had hoped for then this title is for you.  Learn to take stunning portraits, kids shots, landscapes and creative macro images as Karl explores each setting and teaches you how and when to use them. You’ll soon be producing photographs to be proud of and...

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Here's what you will learn in the Ultimate DSLR Photography Course... Stage 1 Introduction to Digital Photography Creative Composition Understanding Light Apertures & Shutter Speeds How Cameras Work Landscape Photography Capturing Action      Optics, Lenses & Focus  Depth of Field  Using Your Camera in Manual       Exposure  The Six Essentials  ISO and Resolution   Focus  The Medium  Support

Creative Composition - By just applying some basic photography composition techniques your photographs can leap from the ordinary to simply outstanding.

Understanding Light - Discover a whole new world of photographic possibilities by actually understanding the main types of light and their impact on your photography.

Apertures & Shutter Speeds – Take control of your DSLR camera as you learn about these fundamental elements. Replace your confusion with enthusiasm to get out there and begin experimenting in manual mode.

How Cameras Work - Cameras, no matter how much they cost all work in roughly the same way. The great news is you really don't have to spend more on your equipment to achieve better photographs. Gain the skills to be able to utilise the full potential of your equipment.

Landscape Photography - What actually contributes to the perfect landscape photograph? Learn how and when to shoot to get the most out of your surroundings.

Capturing Action – Shooting with a fast shutter speed can sometimes ruin an action shot. Learn how some simple settings and a few professional photography tips can make your shots more dynamic.

Optics, Lenses & Focus – A scene shot with two different lenses can yield completely different results. Discover how different lenses change the angle of view and be confident the lens you use is the right one for the shot.

Depth of Field – Depth of field can be a hard concept to grasp. However after this great demonstration explaining the crucial link between apertures and shutter speeds you will be thinking more creatively every time you take a photo.

Using Your Camera in Manual – It’s time to take the training wheels off. Consolidate your knowledge and start practicing in manual mode. With some experience under your belt your photography will improve in leaps and bounds.

ISO and Resolution - Understanding how ISO and Resolution affect your photographs is an important concept. As you get more accustomed to using your camera in manual mode, a basic understanding of ISO and photographic resolution will ensure you are getting the right results in any given situation.

Stage 2 Travel & Landscape Photography Cityscapes Neutral Density Graduated Filters Planning your Images Waiting for the Right Light Night Cityscapes Landscape Photography       Polarizing Filters Long Exposures  Photojournalistic Style     Architectural  Opportunity  Gallery Critique    Sunrise Shooting Styles  Bonus Material

Cityscapes - Capturing the excitement of a city skyline can be a lot of fun. Remembering a few simple tips will help you towards photographing the perfect cityscape.

Neutral Density Graduated Filters – Filters will open up a world you never knew existed. See exactly how, why and when to use these image enhancing essentials.

Planning your Images – Sometimes being in the right place at the right time is less about luck and more about planning. Learn how planning your itinerary and researching your location can help you get that winning shot.

Waiting for the Right Light – To get that perfect shot, timing is everything. Learn how to tell when the light is perfect. Discover the magic moment for a range of photographic scenarios that will give you the best chance of capturing something beautiful.

Night Cityscapes - Capturing night scenes requires some careful planning and forethought. Follow along on several night scene situations to discover the necessary tools and techniques to help you get that shot.

Landscape Photography - Karl goes head to head in a shoot-out with international award winning landscape photographer Nick Després. Learn how their different shooting styles can yield very different results. Plus, Karl takes you step by step through his techniques for shooting inspiring landscapes.

Polarizing Filters - What are they, and what are they good for? Without a doubt, polarizers are a valuable tool for any photographer, as long as you know how and when to put them to work.

Long Exposures - Add mystery and depth to your images with this professional technique. Discover how capturing extended periods of time can give your images a surreal ambience.

Photojournalistic Style - Black and white, street and city photography can be great fun. Learn how being quick on your feet can help capture that spontaneous moment.

Gallery Critique - Learn from the Pros as Karl and Nick discuss and look through some of Nick's award winning landscape work and discover the subtle differences between a good shot and a great one.

Stage 3 Advanced Digital SLR Photography Painting with Light Macro and Extreme Close Up Capturing Action Nightscapes and Light Trails Flash in the Day A Fashion Shoot with Models       The Essential Pro Equipment Remote Capture Techniques Outdoor Natural Portraits

Painting with Light – Kick-start your creativity as you learn to paint with light. This fascinating process of turning night into day is revealed in this step by step tutorial.

Macro and Extreme Close Up – Technological advancements in today’s DSLR cameras make macro photography much more accessible. Discover how adding some simple pieces of gear will help improve your macro results.

Capturing Action – Timing is important if you are trying to freeze that crucial moment. This fantastic chapter shows you how to use different lenses and shutter speeds to add a dynamic quality to your shot and gives you essential tips on focus and panning in an action scenario.

Nightscapes and Light Trails – Open up your photographic world by learning how to identify and shoot great night scenes.

Flash in the Day – Learn when to use it and discover how using it in the foreground can give you a better looking background.

A Fashion Shoot with Models - Working with models requires communication and direction. Go behind the scenes and learn the importance of this interaction.

The Essential Pro Equipment - What kit do you really need to get that great shot? Take a look at some of the essential items the pros can’t live without.

Remote Capture Techniques - Ever wondered how to capture those elusive wildlife images? Discover the equipment and techniques to get an incredible wildlife shot away from your camera.

Outdoor Natural Portraits – Discover how to get great pictures of people with natural light and professional reflectors then find out how and why the results differ when compared to using fill in flash.

Stage 4 Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2 HDR Photography Merging to HDR Panoramic Images Landscape Flash Twilight and Night Photography Fashion Photography      Scrims and the Midday Sun  Opportunity Photography Night Skies      Flowing Water Car shoot Photography Review       Lingerie shoot  Torches Tin Mines Fashion In Flowers

HDR Photography – Find out what it takes to create realistic or abstract HDR images. This step by step guide will take out the guess work so you can focus on getting the source files you need.

Merging to HDR - The best HDR images are a result of good blending and understanding the EV. Follow along with the steps taken to go from transforming your source photos to the final stunning HDR image.

Panoramic Images - Create beautiful wall art with panoramic stitching techniques. In this section you will discover what scenes make the best panoramic images and get tips on merging images for the best results.

Landscape Flash – Learn what the simple but effective use of a flash in high-sync mode can do to improve your landscape photography.

Twilight and Night Photography – Improve your night photography with several examples of how to capture serene yet spectacular night images. Find out why a light during certain times of the day can make or break your image.

Fashion Photography - Unpack your flash and learn how to do a fashion shoot. With four completely different scenarios, find out how to do it with the latest Pro Gear but also how to do it on a budget with simple, inexpensive lighting equipment.

Scrims and the Midday Sun - Don’t have any lights? Discover how to get some great fashion shots using just sunlight and learn how to overcome the problem of harsh sunlight.

Opportunity Photography – Take a walk through the vibrant streets of New York to capture opportunity images. Develop your eye for spotting an image with the right light and then learn how to add extra elements to transform the scene into a superb photograph.

Night Skies –Discover the wonder of astrophotography and learn to capture the Milky Way and distant star fields in brilliant detail. Remember these tips and you will create magical surreal night landscapes with ease.

Flowing Water – See how to create dream-like and magical effects with flowing water as we head into the forest to shoot an idyllic flowing river.

Car shoot - Stick your camera on a car and learn how to capture truly unique images. Using a few simple accessories, the results will astound you.

Photography Knowledge Review – As a final wrap up, Karl Taylor reviews each image for an overview to ensure you have understood exactly how to achieve the top results for professional photography.

Here's what you will learn in the Compact Camera Course...

Overview - Work your way around your camera and become confident using each setting, plus learn what all the jargon really means!

Creative Composition - By just applying some basic photography composition techniques your photographs can leap from the ordinary to simply outstanding!

Focus & Exposure - Get the photos you have always hoped for by learning how to focus and expose your shots correctly using both the manual and pre-set functions.

Professional Style Portraits -Get great portraits in your own home and learn top tips on how to improve the lighting you have available - Great for Facebook & your social media!

Abstract Still Life Art - Produce striking still life photographs that will be good enough to hang on your wall -That will really impress your friends!

Achieve excellent holiday photos - Come home from your holiday with more than just memories.  Karl explains what to look out for and how to capture great photographs of architecture, landscapes, groups and individual portraits - Perfect for family holidays!

Night Time Photography - Avoid blurred landscapes and portraits as Karl shows you how to use night and manual modes to full effect.  Plus helpful tips to capture great indoor shots in low light.

Party Pictures - Capture photos with atmosphere and ambiance. Get memorable images from a night out with friends if you follow these few simple tricks!

Macro Mode - You don’t need professional equipment to get impressive close up shots.  Learn to take detailed shots of wildlife and nature with these simple techniques.

Photographing Kids - Capture fantastic portraits of children (even the most energetic ones! ) with Karl’s top tips for the best light and locations.

Landscapes at Sunset - Learn to use preset and manual settings to capture beautiful landscapes as the sun sets.  Combine this knowledge with our tips on composition to make photographs that are nothing like you have taken before!

Editing and Storing - Find out how to upload, store and backup your favourite memories, plus give your images an extra boost using simple editing software.

Here's what you will learn in the HD-DSLR Movie Making Course... 

The Essentials - So what pieces of kit do you need, which lenses will give the desired effect and how do you decide when to use it? Find out as Karl tests the options.

The Approach - Film making whether it’s for a pop video, a corporate video or a short film all require planning and a thoughtful approach. Learn how as we go behind the scenes on the making of “No Regrets” and follow the decision making process.

Camera Angles and Achieving a Multi Camera Look - Most of us will be filming with just one camera, but with the right technique you can make your production look like it’s filmed from several camera angles, find out how.