Karl Taylor - HD-DSLR Movie Making Course (DVD)

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Make cinematic style movies with your DSLR Camera. Photographers with HD video capable DSLR cameras can now enjoy the experience of movie making with cinematic style results. In this programme top british stills photographer Karl Taylor sets out to make a short film with just a DSLR camera and a few lenses. The resulting film “No Regrets” which took less than 3 days to make won best overall video in the Vzaar video festival which was supported and judged by respected Hollywood director Oliver Stone. In this special title we follow Karl behind the scenes on the making of “No Regrets” and look at some of the techniques used and the thought process behind them. We also take a look at accessories, post production, time lapse and many other techniques that will help give you inspiration and guidance for film making. Buy this DVD for you to expand your skill set and image making capabilties into whole new arenas. Includes 30 FREE Bonus Photography Training Videos Why not take a look at some of the great bonus material that you receive when you start the Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass Course. With our perfect mix of DVD, video and online training you can watch and learn over and over again. Features of this DVD: Over two hours of inspirational training Features the full version of “No Regrets” 16:9 widescreen PAL (Standard, Australia) or NTSC (N. America, Japan) formats Customers also receive Online Photography Knowledge Group access Enjoy Privileged Access to the Photography Knowledge Forum Receive Ongoing Video Tutorials & Downloads Online Support and Bonus Material Enter Monthly Photography Competition Online support and bonus material Other Specialty Photography Courses This is one of a raft of specialty photography courses available to you through Courses for Success. Whether you are a beginner or looking to perfect your craft, we have the course...

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Film Making
Post Production


Here's what you will learn in the HD-DSLR Movie Making Course...
  • The Essentials
    So what pieces of kit do you need, which lenses will give the desired effect and how do you decide when to use it? Find out as Karl tests the options.
  • The Approach
    Film making whether it’s for a pop video, a corporate video or a short film all require planning and a thoughtful approach. Learn how as we go behind the scenes on the making of “No Regrets” and follow the decision making process.
  • Camera Angles and Achieving a Multi Camera Look
    Most of us will be filming with just one camera, but with the right technique you can make your production look like it’s filmed from several camera angles, find out how.
  • Lighting and Colour Temperature
    Learn the essentials of colour temperature settings and how the choice of lighting will affect the mood of your shot.
  • Time Lapse
    Time lapse photography creates an enigmatic addition to your productions and it can be very easy to achieve with just a few simple pieces of kit. We also take a look at the more complex but fascinating effect of motion time lapse and show you exactly how it’s done.
  • Slow Motion
    Ever wondered how you create slow motion footage, find out how in this simple demonstration explaining frame rates and resolution.
  • Night Filming
    DSLR cameras can be great for filming in low light, Karl shows us behind the scenes on “No Regrets” to demonstrate a variety of low light sequences.
  • Post Production & Editing
    What we do after the filming is just as important and the editing process can make or break your entire project. Karl talks us through the editing decisions on “No Regrets” and shows us how he cut this short film.
  • Sound Editing & Recording
    Get some tips for sound fixes as well as good advice on how to record good sound on a budget.