Knowledge Engineering with Semantic Web Technologies 2015



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he web has become an object of our daily life and the amount of information in the web is ever growing. Besides plain texts, especially multimedia information such as graphics, audio or video have become a predominant part of the web's information traffic.

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Web of Data
Ontological engineering


This year's course differs from the 2014 edition in the following way:

  • more emphasis on knowledge engineering with practical examples

  • there are many EXTRA parts at the end of each lecture week covering additional and in depth topics. These parts marked with EXTRA are NOT GRADED and also not subject of the exams. They are not an 'official' part of the course, but only a voluntary addendum to deepen your knowledge.

Requirements for this course:

  • a basic knowledge of the foundations of mathematical logics, i.e. propositional logics and first order logics

  • a basic understanding of web technologies, such as URL, http, HTML, and XML-based technologies

  • a basic knowledge of database technology such as, e.g. relational databases and SQL query language

Course contents
  • Week 1:Knowledge Engineering and the Web of Data
  • Week 2:RDF Based Knowledge Engineering
  • Week 3:Ontologies and Logic
  • Week 4:OWL, Rules, and Reasoning
  • Week 5:Ontological Engineering
  • Week 6:Knowledge Engineering
  • Final Examination