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Tipologie Training
Niveau Beginner
Methodologie Online
Unterrichtsstunden 14 Lernstunden
Dauer 60 Days
Beginn Freie Auswahl
Online Campus Ja
Beratungsservice Ja
Persönlicher Tutor Ja
  • Training
  • Beginner
  • Online
  • 14 Lernstunden
  • Dauer:
    60 Days
  • Beginn:
    Freie Auswahl
  • Online Campus
  • Beratungsservice
  • Persönlicher Tutor

Blogging is a fantastic way to promote your business or provide an outlet for your creativity.

This course will introduce you to blogging. It will explain what a blog is, what software you need to create one, how to use that software and how to use your blog to promote your brand and attract new business.

Please note that this course is not government funded.

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Learning Object 1
- What is a blog?
- Types of blog
- Why blog?
- Who reads blogs?
- What to blog about
- Finding blogs to read
- Using curation tools to read blog posts
- Commenting on & sharing blogs

Learning Object 2
- Organising blog posts
- Images for blogging
- Sourcing free images
- Blogging software
- Viewing the blog on a mobile device
- The template to use
- Infographics

Learning Object 3
- Creating a content plan
- Identifying topics to write about
- Writing posts that are easy to read
- Choosing images for blog posts
- Registering the blog with directories
- Distributing & marketing the blog post
- Managing blog comments
- Blogging communities
- Measuring the impact of the blog

Learning Object 4
- Create a blogger blog
- A mobile template
- Google Gadgets
- Blogger settings
- Writing a post
- Getting ready to publish
- Static pages
- Respond to comments
- Blogger statistics
- Google AdSense
- Deleting a blog

Learning Object 5
- Tumblr examples
- Setting up a Tumblr blog
- Dashboard settings
- Add a theme & add a text post
- Customising Tumblr
- Creating a private Tumblr blog
- Using Tumblr Bookmarklet
- How to manage the engagement from others
- Submissions & Asks
- Tags
- Keeping track of visitors

Learning Object 6
- Create a WordPress blog
- Choose a template
- Create static pages
- Writing a post
- Change the appearance of the blog
- Check the settings of the blog
- Publishing & scheduling
- Manage comments
- WordPress statistics

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The course is aimed at anyone who is either intending to or currently writes blogs for personal or business use. You will learn about the software required to create a blog, as well as the best ways to promote and share your blog.

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On receiving your request, one of the Concise Training trainers will email you to explain everything about the course, including payment options and how to immediately get started.

Voraussetzungen: You must have an internet connection.

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Beginn Freie Auswahl

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Content Management
Content Management Tools
Writing for the Web
Social Media
Writing Skills
Web Designer
Web Development
Content illustration
Content production and editing
Blog Design
Web Desig
Google Gadget


There are a number of resources available to create and build a blog but some of the information is difficult to understand and sometimes conflicting. Concise Training’s course is created in a structured way to make creating a blog easy to do. We cover both designing a blog and creating one with three popular tools.

You cover the material in a series of Learning Objects outlined below:

Learning Object 1 – What is a blog and why use one? Finding blogs to read using different tools and what you should blog about.

Learning Object 2 – Organising your blog, making it accessible to all and the different software you could use.

Learning Object 3 – What to write about and creating a content plan. Using images in your posts and distributing your content.

Learning Object 4  - Creating a Blogger blog, adjusting Blogger settings, including Google Gadgets, writing posts and getting ready to publish.

Learning Object 5 - Using Tumblr for blogging. Customising your Tumblr blog, types of post and sharing your content.

Learning Object 6 – Create a WordPress blog, change the appearance and settings. How to moderate comments on your blog and schedule your posts.

Support from Concise Training is available via our online forum.

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You will receive support from the author of the UK's first accredited social media qualification.

Please note that this course is not government funded.