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The Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. Tens of thousands of tourists will visit the city for this event and many of these visitors will be English speaking or may use English to communicate if they don't speak Portuguese. This free online course provides English language skills around the Olympics Games and participating countries, and also for people working in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Rio. The course introduces you to the English language skills necessary for working in tourist information offices, including how to provide directions, understand guidebooks and write press releases. The English needed for conducting guided tours is also defined. These sections detail how to explain a tour itinerary, how to politely book a tour for a customer and how to conduct a tour commentary in English. Next, you will be introduced to the English language skills necessary for working in restaurants in tourist areas or hotels. This section explains how to take customer orders, including asking and answering questions and recommending dishes. It also includes how to describe dishes and defines the French terms used in restaurant English. The third module introduces the English language skills necessary for working at a hotel reception or front desk. It explains how to communicate with potential customers during inquiries as well as how to reserve rooms for hotel guests. It also describes the steps involved in check-in and check-out as well as the vocabulary and expressions needed for these procedures. The course also includes useful information in English about the history of the Olympic Games, the sports and events that will be held during Olympics in Rio and the countries that are participating in the Games. This course will be of great interest to workers in the tourism and hospitality sectors, or those who would like to gain employment in these sectors during the Olympic Games, who would like to learn English...

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Module Title Module 1: English for Tourism and Hospitality - Tourist Information and Guided Tours Module 2: English for Tourism and Hospitality - Restaurant Service Module 3: English for Tourism and Hospitality - Hotel Reception and Front Desk Module 4: Olympic Games Rio 2016 - History of the Olympics and Olympic Sports Module 5: Olympic Games Rio 2016 - Participating Countries Module 6: Learn English for Rio 2016 Assessment

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